Download PDF: [S] Reliance on Allah in Travel

It is mentioned that one day, Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Umar bin Abdul Aziz – may Allah be pleased with him – decided to travel to Madina Shareef and it so happened that the moon at that stage was in the Aqrab galaxy or planet. This incident is mentioned by Ibn Abdul Hakeen. He says, “I thought that this was not a good time to travel and instead of saying anything further I asked him to look at how beautiful the moon was at this time. When the great Muslim looked at the moon, he immediately understood my concern and said to me, ‘Your concern is that the moon is now in the Aqrab galaxy, and hence it is not considered lucky to travel? Listen, I do not travel relying on where the sun is or where the moon is at that moment. I only rely on the Divine Greatness and Divine Grace of the Allah Almighty when I travel.’” (Maj’mu’a Al Fataawah)