Download PDF: [S] His Complaint for Justice

It is reported that once the famous Abbasi Khalifah, Mansur, was making the Tawaaf at night when he heard someone making Du’a. The person was saying, “O Allah! I am complaining in Your Divine Court because oppression and tyranny has become common and when it comes to truth and justice, jealousy and greed has become common place.”


After he heard this, the Khalifah went on one side of the Haram Shareef and asked his servant to go and call this person.


When the person heard this command, he performed two rak’ah of Salaah and then only presented himself in front of the Khalifah. The Khalifah mentioned to him that his words had been very depressing and what was this all about.


The person replied, “O Ameerul Mo’mineen! If you can guarantee me that I will remain alive, then I am prepared to present my complaint.”


The Khalifah mentioned that his life was protected.


He then explained, “Even you have become a victim of greed and dishonesty. You have been commanded to protect the dignity and life of the Muslim but you have such people in your court who do not honour this command of yours.”


He then explained his story. He mentioned that one day, he had visited the Emperor of China who happen to lose his power of hearing. The Emperor was so depressed about this that people were totally shocked. They then asked him the reason for his depression and he mentioned, “I am not weeping because I am lost by power to hear but I am weeping because from now on I will not be able to listen to my subjects who have a complaint and because of this I will not be able to hear their complaint.”


He then commanded everyone in his kingdom make sure that if they wanted to speak to him or present their complaint, they should wear red clothing. In this manner, even though he would not be able to listen to them, but he would be able to see them and then call them to his court.


When the Khalifah heard these comments, he was extremely shocked and surprised and realised that indeed, his rule as the Khalifah needed to improve if he wanted to truly represent the Muslims in this era.


Sadly, in the present era, there is no such thing as justice and equality and mostly the Satans of the era are the people who rule countries and governments. Muslims should certainly look at their state and do a proper introspection if they wish to be successful in both the worlds.