Download PDF: [S] He Overlooked the Fault of the Thief

It is mentioned that one day, the ruler of a certain region, whose name was Shah Behraam Ghour, went hunting with his soldiers. He saw a buck on the road and following this one single buck he separated from his soldiers. He managed to capture this animal by himself and jumped off his horse to have it slaughtered. All this time he was alone.


He then noticed a shepherd at a little distance and he said to the person that he should hold his horse while he slaughters the buck. As the shepherd was holding the horse, he also managed to steal the jewel which was placed in the reins of the ruler’s horse. When the ruler noticed this, he remained silent. He felt that looking at the fault of another person is actually a fault in itself. This is the reason that he did not give the shepherd the impression that he knew what had occurred.


A short while later, he returned to his army. His special adviser asked him where was the piece of jewel which was placed on the reins of the animal. He laughed and replied, “That person who has stolen it will not return it and the person who saw him stealing will not backbite about another. Therefore, those of you who see a person with this piece of jewel should not tell the person anything.” (Al Qalyubi)