Download PDF: [S] He Knew the Secrets of the Hearts

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Jafer Khuldi – may Allah be pleased with him –  narrates that one day he noticed the eminent Saint Hadrat Sayyiduna Abul Hasan Nuri – may Allah be pleased with him –  sitting alone and making Du’a. He went softly to hear what type of Du’a this eminent Saint was making. He noticed that he was sincerely uttering the following words in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty, “O Allah! If you intend to punish the people of Hell and certainly they are Your creation created according to Your Divine Knowledge, Divine Power and Divine Intent and if You wish to fill Hell with these people, then without doubt You have the power to do so and in like manner, you also have the Power to fill the entire Hell with me alone and send all of these people to Jannah.”


Hadrat Abu Jafer – may Allah be pleased with him –  narrates, “I became extremely surprised by his sincere words and a few days later I saw a dream where someone was declaring that, ‘Inform Abul Hasan that due to his concern and love for humanity, we have pardoned him.’ The reason that he was given the title of Nuri was that whenever he used to sit in any room and speak, the entire room used to become filled with light (Nur). Another reason for this title was that he was able to discern the secret thoughts in the hearts of his Mureeds. This is the reason that the great Saint, Hadrat Sayyiduna Junaid Baghdadi – may Allah be pleased with him – used to say that Abul Hasan Nuri is someone who knows the secrets that people have in their hearts. (Kashful Mahjub 296)