Download PDF: [S] The Young Man’s kafan

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Abdullah – may Allah be pleased with him – was the Mu’azzin of a certain Masjid.


He narrates:


I once had a young man who was my neighbour and whenever I had completed the Adhan, he used to immediately come to the Masjid and perform every Salaah in congregation. When the Salaah was complete, he put on his shoes and immediately left. I always had the wish that this young man speaks to me or at least he asks me for something.


One day, he approached me and said, ‘O Abu Abdullah! Is it possible that you could loan me a copy of the Qur’an for a little while so that I can recite it?’


I then handed him a copy of the Qur’an and he held it to his chest and mentioned that very soon something great was going to take place. After saying this, he left the Masjid.

I did not see him the entire day. Even during the Maghrib and ‘Isha Salaah, I did not see the young man. This placed me in great doubt. I then decided to visit his house and when I reached there, I noticed that he had passed away and his body was placed on the floor. On one side, there was a stool, some water and the copy of the Qur’an which I had given him and that was placed on his chest.


I then picked up the Qur’an and informed the people that this young man had passed away. We then placed his body on a platform and I spent the entire night thinking where I was going to acquire the kafan for this young man or who would actually offer me a kafan.


At the time of Fajr, I recited the Adhan and suddenly I noticed a bright Nur appear near the Mimbar. When I approached this area, I noticed that there was a kafan which was placed at that spot. I then took this kafan to my room and thanked Allah Almighty that at least a proper kafan had been found for this young man.


I then began to read the Fajr Salaah. When I turned around to read the Salaam, I was shocked because on my right hand side, I noticed Hadrat Sayyiduna Thabit Banaani, Hadrat Sayyiduna Malik bin Dinaar, Hadrat Sayyiduna Habeeb Farsi and Hadrat Sayyiduna Saleh Al Mirri – may Allah be pleased with them.


I then asked these giants of Islam how come they were present at this spot and without giving me an answer, they asked, “My dear brother! Is there any neighbour of yours that has passed away this evening?”


I replied that indeed a young man had passed away who used to perform his Salaah behind me. They then asked me to take them to his house. When we appeared in front of his body, Hadrat Sayyiduna Malik bin Dinaar – may Allah be pleased with him – removed the cloth from his face and kissed the forehead of the young man. He then declared, “O Hujjaj! May my parents be sacrificed for you. Whenever your true identity was revealed to anyone, you always departed from that spot and you always choose to stay in that place where no one knew who you were.”


They then gave the young man his final Ghusal and seeing this everyone present presented their own kafan for the young man. However, when I revealed how I had received the kafan which I had in my possession, they all agreed that this would be a most appropriate kafan for the young man.


After this, his Janazah was then taken to the cemetery for burial. In fact, there were so many people at his Janazah that it was difficult to even get the opportunity to hold his bier. I have no idea where all of this masses of people had suddenly appeared from. (Uyunul Hikaayah)