Download PDF: [S] The Leper who was a Wali

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Abdullah Baraathi – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that once Hadrat Sayyiduna Khalf – may Allah be pleased with him – mentioned to him the following incident.


He narrates:


A young man was once given to me for care who was a former leper and his hands and feet had also been removed. He was also blind. I decided to place him in the care of others who were also lepers and many days passed by and I had forgotten about him.


Then one day, I remembered him and decided to go and visit him. I also mentioned that since I had not visited him for so long, I had come to see how he was doing. He replied, “I have a Friend Who is fully aware of all of my problems and because of my extreme love and reverence for Him, I have forgotten all my problems and trials. This is such a Special Friend Who never forgets me for one moment.”


I then asked him to pardon me that I had not visited him for so long. He replied, “I have no concern that you have forgotten me. There is Someone Who always remembers me and how is it possible that one friend would forget another friend. My Friend is Someone who always remembers me.”


I mentioned to him, “If you wish, I can arrange your marriage so that this state in which you live can be improved and your wife would also be able to take care of your wounds as well.”


When he heard this, he began to weep. He then raised his head towards the heavens and began to murmur something. I then again asked him, “What is your answer? Shall I arrange your marriage?”


He replied, “How can you arrange my marriage when I am the king of this world?”


I then asked him, “What greatness do you have in this world. You have no hands or feet, you have no eyes and when you eat, you eat like how an ordinary animal eats picking up food with your mouth. How can you therefore be a king of this world?”


He then declared, “I am pleased with whatever my Lord has tested me with and Who has blessed my tongue with mentioning His Divine Name. This is my greatest fortune.”


He then left my company. Later on he passed away. I then brought a piece of cloth which I could use as a kafan and since it was quite long, I decided to cut the cloth in half. He was then wrapped in this smaller piece of cloth and then buried. At night, I saw a dream in which someone was saying to me, “O Khalf! You had been miserly with the kafan for Our Wali and friend. Take this kafan of yours and remember that We have covered him in rich satin and silk material.”


In the morning when I awoke, I noticed that the small piece of cloth which I had given the young man as kafan was laying on the floor. (Uyunul Hikaayah)