Download PDF: [S] The Lady who Lost Everything

Hadrat Sayyiduna ibn Yasaar Muslim – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


Once I travelled to Bahrain on business and I noticed a house nearby where many people used to come and go. I also went towards the house. I noticed a lady in the house who was wearing old clothes. She was sitting on her musallah but looking extremely grief stricken and sad.


Around her there were many servants and slaves. She had many sons and daughters who were also present. She owned plenty of goods of trade which were spread all over. Her business was also extremely busy and in spite of all of this, the female was still sad and depressed. Whenever she spoke, she never laughed or smiled.


I then returned from this place and became busy in my own personal work. I again returned to this lady and greeted her. She replied to my greeting and said to me that whenever I return to this place I was welcomed to come and stay at her residence. After I had completed my business I left this city. However, a few months later, I decided to return to this place and when I went again to this same house, I noticed that it was quite and there were hardly anyone who was walking about. There were no goods, there were no servants and slaves and even the sons of this female were not present. In fact, all around, it was quite and desolate.


I was extremely surprised and decided to knock on the door. At the same time, I could hear someone speaking and laughing inside the house. When I entered the room, I noticed the same lady who was wearing very fine clothing and she was also smiling. There was also another lady in her company. Besides these two people, I could see no one else. I was extremely surprised and I asked the lady, “When I was here the first time, in spite of the goods and the people that surrounded you, I noticed that you were extremely sad and depressed but today when I look at you when you have no servants, slaves or goods, you seem very happy and joyous. What is the secret behind this?”


She replied, “You should not be surprised. There is no doubt that before this, I was surrounded by wordily wealth and riches. As you saw, I was surrounded by wealth, children and servants. However, I also felt that perchance Allah Almighty had become angry with me for some reason and that is the reason that no tragedy had come to me. Yet, I am also aware that the close servants of Allah Almighty are those special people upon whom there is immense sadness and tragedy. When I thought about this, that is the reason why I appeared so sad and depressed.


“However, a short while later, my goods were destroyed and my children began to leave the world one by one. Everything which I possessed has been taken away from me. As I have said, all my children have passed on and my servants and slaves have all left and all material things have been taken away from me. This is the reason that today I am so happy and joyous because I am certain that now my Creator is pleased with me because He has placed me is such an immense trial. Therefore, I consider myself extremely lucky and this is the reason that I am now wearing refined clothing or clothing through which I am displaying my joy.”


Hadrat Sayyiduna Yasaar Muslim – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions that that after this, he left the area and mentioned the state of this lady to Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn ‘Umar – may Allah be pleased with him. When he heard my story, he mentioned to me, “The state of that female is like Nabi Ayub – peace be upon him – and my state is such that when my shawl is torn, I immediately mend it and if does not appear properly mended, then I become sad for a few days.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)


In other words, the blessed companion is actually displaying his simplicity and humbleness. There is no doubt that there were no greater people than the blessed Ashaab in their fear for Allah. But he was merely giving Hadrat Sayyiduna Yasaar Muslim – may Allah be pleased with him – a lesson in humbleness.