Download PDF: [S] Rabia is Protected by Allah

It is mentioned that one night, a thief entered the room of Hadrat Sayyidah Rabi’a Adawiyyah -may Allah be pleased with her. She was also asleep. He then picked up all the clothes in the room and went towards the door. However, suddenly the door could not be seen. He then sat down and waited for the door to reappear. Suddenly he heard a Voice saying, “Leave the clothes and go towards the door.”


However, as he walked towards the door, he suddenly picked up these clothes again and again the door disappeared. He did this on three occasions. He then heard a Voice declare, “Even though Rabi’a may be asleep, but her Beloved is not asleep and neither does He feel sleepy.”


The thief then replaced these clothes in their original state and walked out through the front door.