Download PDF: [S] Proof of Existence of Allah

Once a question was asked to Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Shafi – may Allah be pleased with him. He then gave the example of a mulberry leaf. He mentioned that it only had one single taste. However, it is eaten by the silk worm, the honeybee, the cow, the goat and the deer. Yet, when the silkworm eats this leaf, it is able to create silk. When a honeybee eats this same leaf, it is able to produce honey. When a gazelle eats this same leaf, it produces fragrance in its special gland. When a cow, sheep or goat eats the same leaf, it produces dung. Does this not prove that there is Someone Who had produced so many effects in one single leaf. This is the Divine Being we accept as Allah and He is One.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Ahmed bin Hambal – may Allah be pleased with him – was also once asked the same question. The great Imam replied, “Listen, there is a strong fort in which there is no entrance or road towards it. In fact, there is not even a small hole in this fort. From the outside, it shines like a piece of silver and inside, it is the colour gold but it is closed from all sides. In fact, even wind is unable to enter this fort. Suddenly, one wall of this fort collapses and a most sweet looking and beautiful sounding creature appears from this fort. Tell me, is there someone who has been taking care of this creature while it has remained in this sealed fort? This is certainly that Divine Being whose Power knows no bound.”


The great Imam was referring to a mere egg which, in spite of the fact that it is sealed, produces a live creature. This is enough evidence of the existence of a Divine Creator.


When Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Nawaas – may Allah be pleased with him – was asked this question, he replied, “By rain falling from the sky by plants been produced through this rain, by the appearance of different tastes and colours in these plants, is sufficient proof for the existence of the Allah Almighty. (Tafseer ibn Katheer)