Download PDF: [S] An Angel came to Help him

Hadrat Sayyiduna Hasan – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates from Hadrat Sayyiduna Aanis – may Allah be pleased with him:


One of the blessed companions of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – used to carry out business in different areas. He used to travel from one city to the next and from one country to the next. He was also extremely pious and it was his habit to always travel alone.


One day, while he was travelling, a highway-man suddenly appeared in front of him and stopped him from going forward. The robber then said to him, “Give me all your good and prepare to die.”


The companion said to him, “Your purpose is to steal the goods, therefore, take the goods and let me continue. What value will it be to you to kill me? Here, take these goods and leave.”


However, the robber mentioned that he would indeed take the goods and he would certainly kill the blessed companion.

He then wanted to attack the blessed companion who said to him, “When you have made up your mind of killing me, then at least give me a few moments to pray to my Creator and make a final Du’a.”


The robber then mentioned that he could perform his final prayers as quickly as possible because he was in a hurry to kill him. The blessed companion then made Wudu and performed four rak’ah of Salaah. He then went into Sadjah and made Du’a.


“Ya Wuduud! O the Owner of this Arsh. O that Divine Being Who fulfils the need of everyone. I seek from You through Your Divine Dignity, a Dignity which has no end. You are that Divine Being Who can never be overshadowed by any other power. I seek in the Name of that Nur Whose brightness is all over the Arsh, please protect me against this robber. O the One who Helps, please help me, (he repeated thrice).”


While he was reading this Du’a, suddenly a person appeared in front of him with a large spear. This person then approached the robber and when the robber saw this, he wanted to defend himself but with one single blow, this person dispatched the robber to the Fire of Hell. This person then approached the blessed companion and told him to stand up.


When the blessed companion looked at this person who had saved his life, he was highly appreciative and asked him to reveal who he was. The person replied, “I am an Angel from among the Angels of Allah. I have come from the fourth heaven to help and assist you. When you had read this Du’a once, the door of this heaven was heard opening. When you had read this a second time, we had heard the plea and scream. When you had read this on a third occasion, he heard a voice saying, ‘This is the Du’a of someone who is highly troubled’. I then asked the Allah Almighty, ‘O Lord of the worlds! Please give me the opportunity to help this person and also kill the robber.’ Hence, the Allah Almighty had allowed me to do this and this is the reason that I am standing in front of you.’” (Uyunul Hikaayah)


Hadrat Sayyiduna Aanis – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions that whoever makes Wudu and performs four rak’ah of Salaah and makes Du’a to Allah with these words, his Du’a would be accepted whether the person is in trouble or not. (In other words, in whatever state the person is in, his Du’a would be accepted). (Ibn Abid Dunya)