Download PDF: [S] Your Condition in the Grave

The Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has stated that, “When a deceased person is placed in the grave, then the grave mentions to him, ‘O ibn Adam! In what deceit were you in? Did you not know that I was a place of fitnah and a house of darkness? I am a place where a person remains alone. I am a house of worms. What is it that made you boast so much and push people around while you were above me?’ If the person was a pious person, then the grave will be informed by an Angel, ‘O grave! This was someone who gave good advice to people on earth and commanded good. He used to also prohibit evil.’ When the grave hears these words, it will declare, ‘If this is so, then freshness will be brought to him. His body will again be made into Nur and he will leave me in this state and his soul will reach the Divine Mercy of the Allah Almighty.’ (Ihya ul Ulum, 4/423)


Ubaid bin Umar Laithi narrates that, “During the burial of a person, the grave will say to the deceased person, ‘I am a house of darkness and a place of loneliness. I am place where there is no support. If you were someone who obeyed the Divine Command of Allah on earth, then today, I will become a place of mercy for you. If you were someone who was disobedient to Allah, then at this time, I will become a place of punishment for you. I am that place in which when an obedient servant of Allah enters me, he leaves me in a state of happiness and when a disobedient person enters me, he leaves me in a state of sadness and grief.” (Ihya ul Ulum, 4/423)


Mohammed bin Sabeeh – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates, “When a person starts to be punished in a grave, then the people in the others graves inform him, ‘Did you not learn a lesson when you saw our state? Our deeds were complete while you were still alive. You had been given plenty of chances, yet, you did not rectify your actions. You are that person who was deceived by the world. You did not learn from others.” (Ihya ul Ulum, 4/423)