Download PDF: [S] Young Child’s Fear of Hell

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Wasaan – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


One day I was walking on the streets of Basrah when I noticed a small child displaying immense humility. He was also crying. I then asked him, “My child! What had made you weep?’ He replied that the fear of Hell had made him like this. I then told to him that he was still so young and yet the Fire of Hell had already terrified him at this young age.


He explained, “When I see my mother prepare fire, she first places small pieces of wood and burns these sticks. After that, these sticks begin to burn the larger pieces of wood. I then asked her, ‘O mother! Why do you first burn small pieces of wood and after that, larger pieces of wood?’ She then replied that these smaller pieces are the ones that enable the larger pieces of timber to burn. When I heard this, I began to weep.”


I asked the young man whether he wanted to join me so that I could teach him such knowledge which would prove immensely beneficial to him. He replied that he was prepared but on one condition and if I accepted this condition, he would join me. I then asked him the condition and he replied, “If I am hungry, you must feed me. If I am thirsty, you must give me something to drink. If I make any mistake, you will pardon me. If I die, you will bury me and will allow me to come alive once again.”


I then said that I did not have these powers. He then mentioned that he could not join my company because he is standing in front of the Door of that Divine Being Who has the Power to do all things. (Ar Rouad Al Faa’iq)