Download PDF: [S] Who was Hadrat Dawood Ta’i

Hadrat Sayyiduna Dawud Ta’i’s – may Allah be pleased with him – full name is Abu Sulayman Dawud bin Naseer Ta’i. He was one of the most famous Sufis of his era and also an eminent Jurist.  He was a student of Imam A’zam Abu Hanifah – may Allah be pleased with him. He also acquired Hadith from Imam ‘Amash, Humaid Taweel and Abdul Malik bin Umair – may Allah be pleased with them – etc. He is also the teacher of Imam Sufyan bin Ayniyah, ibn Aleeyah and Waqee among others – may Allah be pleased with them.


However, in spite of him being such an eminent scholar and Jurist, Hadrat Sayyiduna Dawud Ta’i – may Allah be pleased with him – adopted a life of total seclusion until he became known as a Jurist who was also a Zaahid. He also adopted total simplicity in his life. Ataan bin Muslim reveals that when they entered his dwelling, they found nothing in his house. There was only a small mat and a small brick which was used as a pillow. On one side, there were a few pieces of dry bread and a small container used for water.


It is said that Hadrat Sayyiduna Dawud Ta’i – may Allah be pleased with him – had inherited only twenty Dinaars from his father and he spent it over a period of twenty years. In his entire life, he never accepted any gifts from any King or someone in power. In fact, he lived such an amazing life that Muhaarib bin Wasaar states that if he had lived among previous nations, his example would have certainly being presented in the Qur’an.


Abu Naeem records his passing in the year 160 A.H. and ibn Numair records it as 165 A.H. (Tahzeeb At Tahzeeb)