Download PDF: [S] Wealth found in a Dream

Qadi Abu Umar Mohammed bin Yusuf narrates an incident.


He narrates, “There was a person in our neighbourhood who it was said went through a long period of poverty and destitution. Later on, he became extremely rich. When people asked him how this changed, he revealed the actual background to his amazing rise in fortune.”


He mentioned, “I received a very large sum in money as inheritance from my father. However, I displayed immense wastage and irresponsibility and very soon all this money had been spent. In fact, things became so bad that literally, even the door of my house had to be sold just to make ends meet. There was nothing left in the house and for a very long time my mother had to earn a livelihood through preparing cotton just to be able to feed me.


“I was also a young person and had become fed up with this type of life. One night, I saw a dream in which someone was telling me that I should leave for Egypt and in that country, I would be able to make my fortune. This voice also informed me that, that is a place where I would be able to acquire my sustenance and the door of sustenance would actually be opened at this place.

“In the morning, when I awoke, I began to think carefully about this dream and thought that this was some invisible message to me and I began to prepare to leave for Egypt. At the same time, I also felt that prior to going there, I should actually have a letter of introduction from someone in this place so that it would become easier for me in Egypt.


“I then went to Qadi Abu Umar and asked him to write a letter of introduction for me to the Qadi in Egypt. Qadi Abu Umar was also a good friend of my deceased father. I then took this letter to Egypt with me and presented it to the authorities there. However, sadly, nothing happened. No one even helped me and I began to think that my own city was much better than this place because over there, at least I knew a few people.


“Time also went by very fast and very soon, whatever I had with me was also completely finished. In fact, I came to a state where I was beginning to think of begging on the street. At the same time, my inner being did not feel like doing this. In fact, I did not even know how to beg on the streets and the worst part is that no one even noticed me on the street. I was also becoming extremely desperate.


“At the same time, things became so bad that I even began to beg for food. I then thought that it would be better to beg during the night. I then went out one night with the intention of begging. My clothes were old and tattered and no one even recognized me. No one was even prepared to help and assist. There were only a few people on the road and looking at me, the police then approached me. And thinking that I was some thief, they also began to beat me. I began to scream and shout but no one was prepared to listen to my pleas.


“I screamed at them and mentioned that if they could spare me, I would be able to explain the entire incident to them and how I had ended up in this state. They then asked me to explain. I then explained everything to them including the dream I had seen.


“However, one of the police officers said to me, ‘I have never seen someone as silly as you. In fact, only last year, I saw someone in a dream who said to me that in Baghdad Shareef, on a certain street, in a certain neighbourhood, there is a house of a certain person.’


“What was shocking to me is that this police officer was actually describing my own house without realising it. He also mentioned, ‘In this house, there is a small outside portion and there is a certain type of tree in this area and below this tree, thirty thousand Dinaars has been hidden.’ This police officer told me that when he saw this dream, he did not take it seriously. He also made a joke of me that I had come all the way to this city merely based on a dream.


“I was by now in a state of shock and did not inform him that the house, the area and the yard which he had described was actually my own house. They felt sorry for me and allowed me to leave. I went to a local Masjid and spent the night there.


“In the morning, I decided to leave for Baghdad Shareef. I also noticed a caravan that was leaving and I also joined them by paying my way through serving the people in this caravan.


“When I arrived at my house, I found the Dirhams under the same tree which the police officer had informed me about and decided not to waste this money as I did before and today, my powerful financial status is based on that same wealth which I had found under the tree.” (Al Qaraj ba’dal Shidattu waz Zaiq by Haazimi)