Download PDF: [S] Those who will will be the first to drink from al-Khausar

Hadrat Sayyiduna Sirri Saqti Radi Allahu ‘Anhu relates that, “Once I went into a cemetery and there I saw Hadrat Sayyiduna Bahlul Danaa Radi Allahu ‘Anhu who was sitting on one side moving the sand through his fingers. I asked him why was he sitting in this place and he replied, ‘I am sitting among such a nation which does not trouble me. When I am not around, they do not backbite about me.’ I then mentioned to him that the price of bread has become very expensive. He answered, ‘By Allah! I have no concern about that even though we may purchase it with a single Dinaar. Ibadah for Him is Fard upon us as He has commanded us and our sustenance is upon His Divine Grace as He has also promised us.’” (Ar Rouad)


These words of Hadrat Sayyiduna Bahdul Daana Radi Allahu ‘Anhu is as per the words of the Holy Prophet Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam which was once narrated by Hadrat Sayyiduna Saubaan Radi Allahu ‘Anhu. He states, “’My fountain is spread far and wide. Its drink is whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. The amount of cups are equal to the number of stars. Whoever drinks once from it, he will never again become thirsty. Among people, the first to drink from this will be the poor destitute and those who migrate (for the sake of Allah azza wajal).’ Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Umar Radi Allahu ‘Anhu asked, ‘O Prophet of Allah! Who are those people?’ He replied, ‘Their hair is full of dust and their clothes are dirty. They do not marry females who desire comfort and for them, the doors (of people) are never opened.’’’ (Musnad Imam Ahmed bin Hambal, 8/321)