Download PDF: [S] The Prayer of a Pious Female

The Qadi of Basrah, namely Ubaidullah bin Hasan – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates the following incident.


“I once had a female slave who was very pretty and certainly her beauty also began to amaze me. One night while I was sleeping and when I awoke, I could not find her and I began to think that perchance something had happened to her.


“When I began to search for her, I found her in the Ibadah of Allah Almighty. Her shinning forehead was also in Sajdah and she was calling out to Almighty Allah in the following words, ‘O my Creator Almighty! There is no doubt that You have great love for me and because of this, pardon my sins.’


“When I heard these words, I said to her, ‘The words you have used are in incorrect. You should use these words, ‘O Allah! With the love that I have for You, please pardon my sins.’


“However, she was an extremely intelligent person and replied, ‘O that person who is oblivious of Almighty Allah. There is no doubt that Almighty Allah is the One that loves me because if He did not do so, He would not have taken me out of the valley of darkness into the valley of light, which is Islam. It is His love for me which has allowed me to awake and remember Him and had also made you continue to sleep. If Almighty Allah did not have love for me, He would have not allowed me to present myself in His Divine Court.’”


Qadi Ubaidullah bin Hasan – may Allah be pleased with him – then continues, “There is no doubt that I was already amazed by her beauty and good looks and when I heard her words, I was even more amazed ad I realised that she was no ordinary person but a Waleeyah of Allah Almighty.


“I then said to her that she was free to go and that I had released her from the bondage of slavery. When she heard this, she replied, ‘O my master, you have not done a good thing. Prior to this, I used to get two rewards, one was to serve you as a Muslim and the second was to serve the Almighty Allah and now I will only receive one reward.’”