Download PDF: [S] The Power of Bismillah 2

It is mentioned that there was once a female who used to always say “Bismillah” before she performed any task or even say anything. This became a natural habit in her.


For some reason, her husband became extremely irritable by this and decided that one day he was going to teach her a lesson. He waited for the right time. One day he handed her a special parcel and told her that she must hide this parcel.  She then took this parcel and after reciting the “Bismillah” she hid the parcel. The husband also noticed where she had hid the parcel.


One day, while she was not looking, he removed the parcel from that place and then approached her to ask for the parcel. The female then went to the place where she had hid the parcel and saying “Bismillah” she placed her hand forward to retrieve the parcel. The moment, she did this, Almighty Allah commanded Jibra’eel Ameen to go to the earth and replace the parcel where she had placed it originally. She then took out the parcel and handed it to her husband who was shocked when he saw this. He also made sincere Taubah never to mock his wife again. (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)


Imagine the amazing speed of Jibra’eel Ameen. If one had to calculate someone putting their hand forward to retrieve a parcel, this can be counted in milli seconds or even quicker than milli seconds. In that time, Jibra’eel Ameen came from Sidratul Muntaha, which is where he is based and is beyond the seven heavens, to the earth earth. He took the parcel from where it was and then placed it at the original place. All of this is happening while the lady is placing her hand forward having no idea that the parcel is even missing!


That is the first calculation which needs to be done. The second calculation is the speed of a sharp knife across the neck of an animal or human. This is what needs to be calculated. Nabi Ebrahim – peace be upon him – places his blessed son on a rock in Mina, takes the knife while making sure that he obeys the Divine Command of Almighty Allah, and then he starts to run the knife across the neck of his son.


At that precise moment, Almighty Allah informs Jibra’eel Ameen that Nabi Ebrahim – peace be upon him – has certainly passed the grave test which was placed in front of him. He orders him to take a ram from Jannah, go to Mina, remove Nabi Ismail – peace be upon him – from under the knife which is moving and replace him with the ram from Jannah. All of this is done and when Nabi Ebrahim – peace be upon him – opens his eyes, he sees that he has actually slaughtered a ram!


The ‘Ulama also say that Jibra’eel is actually among the servants of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. If this is the speed of the servant, what must be the speed of the master, the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him?