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It is reported that Ahmed bin Tulun, the Ruler of Egypt, was considered as a very cruel and oppressive ruler. However, at the same time, he also had the habit of making sure that there was justice between the oppressed and the oppressor. In other worlds, he was someone that used to display justice.


It is mentioned that one day his son was walking with a female who was a singer and his slave was also carrying a musical instrument. When a certain scholar saw this, he immediately came forward and started to explain the sinfulness of this behaviour. He also rushed towards the slave and taking the musical instrument from his hand, he smashed it on the ground. The son of Ahmed bin Tulun, Abbas, then registered a case again this scholar in the court of Ahmed bin Tulun.


When this scholar appeared in court, the Ruler asked him whether he had in fact broken the musical instrument which belonged to his son. The scholar admitted that yes, he had indeed done so. He then acted like he was extremely angry and asked this scholar whether he was aware of who this musical instrument belonged to.


The scholar replied, “Yes, I am fully aware that this instrument belonged to your son Abbas.”


Ahmed bin Tulun asked him, “That means, you have no regard whatsoever for me?”


The Islamic scholar declared, “How is it possible that I should have any concern as to whom this instrument belonged to when the Qur’an clearly tells us to forbid evil and propagate what is good. Sayyiduna Rasoolullah – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has also stated that, ‘It is not permissible to obey any creation while disobeying the Allah Almighty.’”


When this Ruler heard these statement, it had a great impact on him. He also mentioned to the scholar, “I also give you complete permission that you may walk around the city and if you see anything which contradicts Islam, you have the complete authority to destroy it. I will also be your helper in this action.”


We also come to comprehend from this incident that when a person is firmly established in delivering the truth, then Allah Almighty certainly creates a great impact in his words and actions. It is also said that when a person speaks the truth and is not afraid, the Angels also appear to help and assist the person and he is certainly assured of great victory.