Download PDF: [S] Imam Shuraik falls into a Trap

Hadrat Imam Shuraik, like other eminent scholars in his era, was also considered very pious and noble. In fact, he also avoided the company of Kings and the rich and powerful people.


However, one day, Khalifah Mehdi forced Hadrat Imam Shuraik to come to his court. He was also told to either one of three options. He was told that he could accept the position of Qadi, accept to be the teacher of the Khalifah’s sons or accept to eat a little food with the Khalifah.


Imam Shuraik thought to himself that of the first two it would easier to merely eat some food with the Khalifah and avoid the other two responsibilities. He then accepted the offer to eat with the Khalifah. However, prior to him coming to the palace, the Sultan made it clear to his chef that the best of the best food should be prepared for Imam Shuraik. In fact, the chef himself mentioned to others present that Imam Shuraik had certainly fallen into a great trap.


This is exactly what happened. After this, Imam Shuraik became the Qadi and also became the teacher of the children of the Khalifah. In other words, merely eating one meal with these people can certainly cause great harm to someone. (Taarikh Al Khulafah)


This is certainly one of the evils of sitting and eating with the rich and powerful. When a person sits and eats with these people invariably he sings the tune of these people. Therefore, it is important that the ‘Ulama refrain from the company of these people.