Download PDF: [S] His Sin was not Hidden from his Peer

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Amr bin ‘Alwaan – may Allah be pleased with him –  narrates:


Once, I went to the bazaar in Rahbah for some work. I noticed a few people carrying a Janazah and I also decided to join them. As I was returning, I noticed a very pretty female and I continued to look at this female. After a while, I felt embarrassed and said “Inna lillaahi”.  I then also began to seek the Divine Mercy of Allah Almighty.


When I returned home, my old female servant looked at me very strangely and asked, “Why has your face become dark?” I was extremely shocked when I heard this statement and immediately looked at the mirror. And there was no doubt that my complexion had become quite dark. I then began to think about which sin I had committed that this has happened to me. I then realised that it was because I had looked at that strange female that this has happened to me.


I began to make Taubah to Allah Almighty for forty days after that.


I decided that I should visit my Murshid, Hadrat Sayyiduna Junaid Al Bagdadi – may Allah be pleased with him. I travelled to Urusul Bilaad (Baghdad Shareef) to meet him. When I knocked on the door of my spiritual master, my great master declared, “O Abu Amar! Come inside. You had committed a sin in Rahbah and I have continued to make Du’a for you in Baghdad Shareef”. (Uyunul Hikaayah)


There is no doubt that nothing is hidden from the eyes and inner vision of a true Wali. He is able to see all the action of his disciple and is also able to rectify and help and assist his disciple wherever he is.