Download PDF: [S] Hadrat Ali’s Advice on Knowledge

Hadrat Sayyiduna Kameel bin Ziyad – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that, “Once, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ali – may Allah be pleased with him – held my hand and took me outside. After making me sit on one side, he took a deep breath of regret and then said, ‘O Kameel! The heart is like a container. The best those who readily accept good advice. Therefore, whatever advice I give you, remember it well.’


He then mentioned, ‘O Kameel! People are of three types. The first is an Aalim-e-Rabbani, the second is one who searches for religion, and the third type are those who can be considered as idiots and who listen to all and sundry. They bend in front of every breeze. They are never brightened with the Nur of knowledge and neither have they made something which is strong as their support.


‘O Kameel! Remember that knowledge is far superior to wealth. Bear in mind that knowledge is something which protects you while you have to protect and safeguard wealth. Wealth becomes less through spending while knowledge increases through spending. Knowledge is the true leader while wealth is merely an ordinary subject.


‘O Kameel! Love for an Alim is actually religion. Due to this, immense reward will be given to you. Knowledge is something which encourages a person to do good in this world and after he passes away, it is the best of possessions. As for wealth, this also dies with a person.


‘O Kameel bin Ziyad! Many who are rich are actually dead in spite of their wealth. As for the ‘Ulama, even though they have left this world, but they remain alive as long as time exists. Even though their eyes are closed, yet their greatness and stature is still alive until the present day.’


‘Hadrat Sayyiduna Ali – may Allah be pleased with him – then pointed to his blessed chest and declared, ‘It is a pity that much knowledge is found in this place and if only I could find someone to whom I could give this to. Someone who is fit and able to whom I can give everything to. Yes, I have met a few but I was not pleased with them. They wish to use religion to acquire the world. Through this Divine Gift (which is knowledge) they hope to show off among people and through their knowledge they hope to change the actual Divine Decree of Allah Almighty. There are some people whom I have met and who are obedient to the people of truth, but they lack inner vision and wisdom. Merely a little doubt shakes their heart. With the result, they are neither here nor there. They follow their carnal desires and are busy gathering material wealth. They have no interest in spreading religion. They are like domestic animals and because of this, when the real ‘Ulama pass away, actual knowledge will also be taken away.


‘However, there are still such people who continue to remain in the world who hold fast to the Divine Limits of Allah Almighty. They do so, so that the Divine Signs of Allah Almighty remain visible for all to see. Some of them become famous and others remain hidden. However, the latter are very few indeed. Such people have a mighty status with Allah Almighty and through them, the Divine Signs of Allah Almighty continue to remain protected. These people then pass this on to those who are like them. This is firmly established in their hearts. The various parts in the world become easy for them to travel which makes the ignorant fear. These rightly-guided ‘Ulama do not fear anything. They live among the common people but their hearts are with their Divine Creator. O Kameel! These are the true Khalifah of Allah Almighty on earth and the people who truly spread the religion. I only wish to meet such people.’” (Uyunul Hikaayah)