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Hadrat Sayyiduna Khalid bin Safwaan states that once, the Governor of Yemen, Yusuf bin ‘Umar, sent him with a delegation to visit Hishaam bin Abdul Malik who was the Khalifah at the time in Iraq. He narrates:


When I reached there I was told that the Khalifah had left on an outing with all his servants and family members. In other words, they had left for a picnic trip. I also joined these people. The Khalifah had ordered his army and family to put up their camp in such a beautiful valley which was clean and full of flowers and trees. Since it had rained not long ago, the entire valley was full of beautiful flowers and greenery. In fact, the valley looked so pretty that one had the wish to remain here forever. The sand was also very clean and even if one threw a hand full of sand, one’s palm remained clean. A silk tent was then placed for the Khalifah which had been sent by Yusuf bin ‘Umar, the Governor of Yemen. Red curtains were also placed all around the inside of the tent.


When everyone had taken their respective sitting areas, I raised by head and looked at the Khalifah. I noticed that he was looking at me. In fact, he looked at me as if he was indicating to me to say something.


I then said to him, “O Ameerul Mo’mineen! There is no doubt that Allah Almighty has bestowed immense Grace upon you. He has also shown you the right path of being a Muslim leader. There is no doubt that your behaviour is such which should be commended. However, Allah Almighty has given all of this to you so that you can adopt piety. In fact, whatever you have in your possession are items which bring you happiness and not sadness.


“You have also become a Khalifah which the Muslims have trust on and you have become a source of joy and security to them. When they have any problems, they come to you and in every difficult moment, they consider you a source of help. Now that I have seen all that which Allah Almighty has blessed you with, it becomes my duty to give you some advice and words of guidance. It also becomes my duty to inform you that you should continue to give thanks to Allah Almighty for this immense Divine Grace.


One of the best ways of doing this is to remind you about a King who lived in the past and what happened to him. Do I have your permission to continue in regard?”


When the Khalifah heard my request, he sat upright and informed me that I should continue to speak.


I then continued, “O Ameerul Mo’mineen! Among the Kings of the past, there used to be a King and he had also one day left his palace with his family and friends for an outing. In that year also, the rain had been plentiful and the area where he had established his camp was also full of flowers and greenery. When the King saw the beautiful sight around him, in a fit of pride and boast, he said to everyone present, ‘Such immense power and control has been given to me. Is there anyone else who possesses such things?’


However, in the army, there was a certain solider who was extremely brave and truthful. He stood up and said to the King, “Certainly, you have asked a very mighty question and if you give me the opportunity, I will like to answer this question.”


The King replied that he had permission to answer the question. The honest and brave person then continued, “O King! These things which have been given to you, will these things last forever and will these things remain with you forever? Will there not be decrease in these things? Did you not receive these things from someone else? Will these objects not finally leave you and go to those who will come after you?”


When the King heard these clear and honest words, he replied, “Whatever you have said are indeed words of truth. There is no doubt that these things will also decrease and as I had received these objects from someone before me, in like manner, they will pass on to those who come after me.”


When the King had completed his words, the wise soldier continued, “When all of this true which I have just mentioned, what therefore is the logic in showing off about all of these things? Certainly, all of these benefits will remain with you for only a short while and when you leave this world, your hands will be empty. On the Day of Judgement, you will also have to account for all of these benefits and this is certainly a very testing experience. If that is the case, how can your heart be attached to something like this?”


When the King heard these words, it was like an arrow had pierced his heart. The veil of forgetfulness was removed from his eyes and he asked the young soldier what should be done. The young man replied, “There are only two options which are open to you. The first is that you can remain as the King but make sure that every decision you take is according to the religious laws of the land and whatever comes from Allah Almighty, whether it is a test or a benefit, you should be pleased with it. The second option is to divorce yourself from all the decoration of this world and retire to the nearby mountain and spend the rest of your life in the Ibadah of Allah. These are the only two options which are open to you.”


The King replied, “O young man! I request you to come and see me in the morning and allow me to think about this tonight. If I decided to remain a King, then I will choose you as my Chief Minister. I will also continue to obey your wise council and will never disobey you. If I decide to divorce myself from this position and choose a life of seclusion, then you must continue to remain as a close friend of mine.”


After saying this, the King retired to his tent.


His bids farewell.


In the morning when the young soldier appeared in front of the King, he noticed that the King had removed his royal garb and had adopted the clothing of a poor and ordinary person. The King had chosen the path of seclusion and he had decided that he will spend the rest of his life in obeying Allah Almighty. Both of them then retired to the mountain and they spent the rest of their lives in making Ibadah.


In fact, pertaining to these people, the famous poet Adi bin Zaid Al Ayyaari Al Muradi from the Bani Tameem has also written a few lines about these people.


The cries of the King.


When the Khalifah, Hishaam bin Abdul Malik, had completed listening to the words of Hadrat Sayyiduna Khalid bibn Safwaan he wept so much that his beard became soaked with tears. He then commanded everyone to wrap up the tents and go back to the palace.


When he returned to the palace, he handed the complete running of the government to his brother and chose one corner of the palace to be a place where he could continue making the Ibadah of Allah Almighty.


When his family and friends saw the changed state of the Khalifah, all of them approached Hadrat Sayyiduna Khalid bin Safwan and complained to him, “What have you done to the Ameerul Mo’mineen? He now has no interest in anything. After listening to you, he does not even go anywhere”.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Khalid bin Safwaan replied, “All of you should leave my presence. I have taken an oath with my Divine Creator that whenever I meet a King or a ruler, I will invite him towards goodness and I will prohibit him from doing evil. I will also encourage him to remember Allah Almighty. By saying all of these things to the Khalifah, I have fulfilled my promise and have not committed anything wrong.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)