Download PDF: [S] Who is Abaadah bin Nassi

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abaadah bin Nassi Kandi – may Allah be pleased with him – whose title is “Abu Umar” was born in Jordan. He was a Qadi in Tabariyah. He also narrates Ahadith from Hadrat Sayyiduna Abaadah bin Saamit – may Allah be pleased with him – and others. People like Imam Bukhari – may Allah be pleased with him – have considered him to be among the leading authorities in Hadith.


He was also considered as being among the most eminent in the Taaba’een and Muslimah bin Abdul Malik has stated that there are three such Awliyah in Kandah through whose mere presence rain descends and it is through them that the Muslims are victorious against their enemy. They are Abadaah bin Nassi, Rajaa bin Hayya and ‘Adi bin ’Adi – may Allah have mercy upon them – and all three of them were eminent Muhaditheen. He passed away in 118 A.H. (Tahzeeb)