Download PDF: [S] Water appeared from his Feet

Hadrat Sayyiduna Malik bin Dinaar – May Allah be pleased with him – narrates, “Once on a journey, I experienced immense thirst. In search of water, I then deviated from the actual route and entered a valley. Suddenly, I heard a most frightening sound. I thought that perchance it was an animal that was coming towards me. I wanted to escape from this place when I heard someone declare, ‘O human! There is nothing like this as you are thinking. This is merely the sound of a Friend of Allah who had taken a deep breath in his search for the Divine Creator.’


“As I returned to the main route, I saw a young man busy in Ibadah. I then greeted him and informed him about my immense thirst. He replied, ‘O Malik! It is such an immense kingdom and you have not found water in all of this?’ He then approached a rock and kicked it with his feet. He also declared, ‘Give us water in the Name of that Divine Being who is also able to make dry bones come to life.’ Suddenly water appeared from this rock like a fast flowing spring. I then drank as much as I could.  I then asked him to give me advice which would be beneficial to me. He declared, ‘Become immersed in the Ibadah of Allah when you are alone and if you do this, then He will bestow water upon you when you are in great need of water.’” (Ar Roudul Faa’iq, 319)