Download PDF: [S] To purchase the World in place of Jannah

Some people have mentioned that, “The Satan presents the world to people every day and he also mentions, ‘Is there anyone who will purchase such a thing who will only create calamity for him in which there is no benefit and it will only immerse him in sadness and grief.’


When the people of the world hears this, they declare that they are prepared to purchase such an item.


When the Satan hears this, he will say, ‘The price for the world is not Dirhams and Dinaars but rather it is your place in Jannah. I have also purchased the world in place of Jannah. Through this deed of mine, I have earned four things. The Divine Curse of Allah Almighty, His Divine Wrath, His Divine Punishment and His Divine Anger.’


However, still the people of the word reply, ‘We are happy with this’.


In the end, no one gains any benefit from this trade. (Al Qalyubi)