Download PDF: [S] They spoke without Fear

Uthman bin Ata Khurasani narrates:


Once my father and I went to meet Hishaam bin Abdul Malik who was the ruler of the day. As we neared his court, we noticed a very simple person who was riding a black donkey. His kameez was very old. His jubbah was also extremely poor in state. His old hat had actually become stuck to his head and his saddle was made from plain wood. When I saw this person, I wanted to laugh and I asked my father who this villager was. However, my father looked at me and scolded me. He told me to keep quite. He also informed me that this was the king of the Jurists of the Hejaz and his name was Ata bin Abi Rabah. I then remained silent.


When he came near to us, my father jumped off his donkey and he did the same. They then warmly and respectfully embraced each other and greeted each other. They both approached the court of Hishaam bin Abdul Malik. While we sitting outside, both of them (my father and the eminent Imam) were immediately called inside by the court attendants.


After some time, my father appeared from inside the royal court. I then asked my father what had happened. He replied, “When Hishaam bin Abdul Malik was informed that Ata ibn Abi Rabah wanted to meet him, he immediately called him inside the court. By Allah Almighty! It was in fact through him also that I was also able to meet the ruler. When Hishaam saw him, he warmly welcomed him and continued to call him forward until he stood in front of the ruler. Hishaam then pleaded to him to sit next to him. As a matter of fact, their knees were also touching each other. At that moment, eminent people were also trying to talk to Hishaam, however he ignored everyone and spoke to the eminent Shaikh. He asked, ‘O Abu Mohammed! What purpose has brought you here today? If there is anything that I can do, I am willing to fulfil this command.’


The great Shaikh replied, “O Ameerul Mo’mineen! The people of the Haramain Shareefain are indeed the guests of Allah Almighty and the neighbours of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. Please make sure that they are financially supported and aided.”


Hishaam then ordered the clerk of the court to make sure that one years of financial aid be given to these people. Hishaam then asked, “O Abu Mohammed! Is there something else which I can do for you?”


The great Saint replied, “The people of the Hijaz are indeed very courageous. They are in fact the true Arabs and the leaders of the Muslims. Please return their Sadqah which they have given in excess.”


Hishaam then ordered the clerk to immediately put this into action. Hishaam then asked him whether he had another request.


He replied, “The people on the border are people who are protecting this country. They are also defending this country against the enemies. Please send food and provision to them because if they are destroyed, no one will protect these borders.”


Hishaam then ordered that grain and other provision be immediately be sent to them.