Download PDF: [S] They had no Love for this World

Hadrat Sayyiduna Bakr bin Abdullah Mazani – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


There was once a King among the Bani Isra’eel who had immense wealth and was also given a very long life. His sons had a very noble attribute and behaviour. Whenever anyone of them became young, he used to divorce himself from all wordily things and retire to the mountain to spend his life in the Ibadah of Allah. In order to survive he used to also eat the leaves of trees and whatever wild fruits he found on the mountain. He also wore ordinary woollen clothing and basically adopt the life of a Derwish. This is the manner they passed their lives until they passed away. All of his sons spent their lives in this manner. When the King became very old and when one final son of his was born, he called a meeting with his community.


He said to them, “All of you can see that I have now become extremely old and even at this stage, I have been blessed with one son. You people are also aware that I have great concern for all of you. However, I have a great fear that this last son of mine will also end up like all of his brothers before him and adopt the life of a Derwish. If he does this, then it means that there will be no more leaders from this family of mine and I can foresee that you people will experience great difficulty. Therefore, I suggest that from a small age, you people take care of this young prince and make sure that he becomes attracted to all the pleasures and wonders of this world. If you people can do this, then perhaps, he might become your new leader. In other words, you people need to make sure that he is completely attracted to this world.”


When the people heard this, they decided to build a large complex and had high walls built around this complex so that nothing could be seen outside this complex. They also made sure that all the wonders of this world was also found inside this complex.


The prince then lived within the confines of this complex for many years. As we have mentioned, every need of the prince was taken care of so that he does not feel uncomfortable. And at the same time, he did not feel the need to acquire anything. Servants were also at hand to serve him.


One day, as he was riding on his horse, he came to one of the high walls surrounding this complex. He called his servants and asked them what was on the other side of the wall. He said that certainly there must be new things on the other side and perhaps even a completely new community. If he had the chance to meet them, he would learn new things.


When this request of the prince was mentioned to the King, obviously he became very afraid. He was worried that this prince would end up like his brothers and chose the live of a Derwish if they allowed him to leave the complex. He commanded the people to make sure that they busy their prince with other comforts and pleasures so that he will lose interest in going outside.


They did as they were told and again the prince became busy with the pleasures of the world. In this manner, one complete year went by.


After this period, the prince approached the wall again and said that he wanted to see what was on the other side of the wall. Again the people informed the King about the insistence of the prince.


He finally gave permission but allowed him to be outside for only a few minutes. They then took the prince outside while he was riding on his horse. As he saw the people around him, he noticed someone who was very sick. Through sickness, this person had also become very weak and frail. The prince inquired what had happened to this person and he was told that this person had become ill.

The prince then asked whether other people also became ill and he was told that yes, other people including themselves also became ill. He then asked whether there were also sick people in his kingdom and again the people replied that yes, there were sick people in his kingdom as well.


He then said, “The life of the world which you people have chosen, it does not look like a very attractive world.”


After saying this, he returned to the complex. When this was told to the King, he ordered the people to place new attractions in front of the prince so that he could remain in the complex and not go outside. The people did this and in this manner another complete year went by.


After this period, the prince again made the request that he wanted to go outside and meet the people. The prince was dressed in royal robes and taken outside. As he went outside, he noticed a very old person standing on one side of the road.


When he saw this old person, he asked his servants, “Does everyone become old like this person?”


His servants replied that yes and they also mentioned that they will become old including the prince.


He said, “This life of your people seems to have to no attraction whatsoever.”


He again entered the complex in great disappointment. In the third year, he left the complex again and when he came outside, he noticed a Janazah which was going past. When he saw this, he asked the people why this person was sleeping on a bed and being carried along. The people replied that this was someone who had died and he was going to be buried. He then asked them what was death and he wanted to meet this person called “death”. The people then took the prince near the body of this dead person.


As the prince stood in front of this body, he asked the people to instruct this person to sit up. However, the people replied that this person does not have the power to sit up.


The prince asked the people to instruct this person to say something. However, they replied that this person did not have the power to speak.


The prince asked them to explain what will happen to this person after this.


They mentioned that this person will be buried and he will be questioned about his actions. They also mentioned that on the Day of Judgement, everyone will be questioned about their life in this world.


The prince asked whether there is another world after this and they mentioned that there is another world which is called the Hereafter.


When the prince heard about this, he began to weep and also placed some sand on his face. He mentioned that he did not want to be someone who did not have answers to present to his Creator on the Day of Judgement.


Hereafter, he realised that there was nothing attractive in this world. The prince also mentioned that the people will never see him again. However, the people also mentioned that he could not just leave like that without seeking the permission of his father.


When they took him to his father, the prince was weeping. When the King asked him the reason for this, he replied, “O my father! I am weeping in fear for that day on which the actions of every person will be presented.”


The prince then asked for some woollen clothing and mentioned that tonight, he would certainly leave this palace. In the middle of the night, this prince disappeared into the night leaving everything behind.


After explaining this incident, Hadrat Sayyiduna Bakr bin Abdullah – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions, “This prince was someone who had divorced himself from all worldly pleasures because he had immense fear for Allah Almighty. However, bear in mind that he had no idea what punishment was for what action or transgression. Imagine the state of those people in the world today, who are fully aware of what punishment a person would receive for which transgression and yet they do not seem to care one bit about it. They continue to openly commit sin and do not even think about the consequences of their action.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)