Download PDF: [S] There is no more Barakah

Hadrat Sayyiduna Hishaam bin Mohammed bin Saa’ib Kalbi – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates from this father the following interesting story. He narrates:


During ancient times, it is mentioned that once the King of Persia was on a hunting trip with some of his friends. Suddenly, the King saw an animal which he was hunting and decided to chase down this animal. However, as much as he chased this animal, the more it escaped from him. He also did not realise that he had drifted very far away from his friends.


He quickly realised that he was alone and in a strange place. The evening was also approaching and it began to rain. The King started to look for a place of shelter. He could see a small house in the distance. When he came to this house, he found an old person sitting on the verandah. He asked her whether she would be able to offer him some shelter for the night.


She was extremely pleased to do so and mentioned that he would be their guest that night.


As he entered with his horse, a few minutes later, the young daughter of the old lady also approached with a few cows of her own. She shepherded the cows the entire day with the result that the cows looked very healthy and seemed to have a lot of milk.


When the King saw this, he felt that since these cows looked so healthy, there should be some type of taxes on these cows. He also felt that since these cows seemed so healthy, some of the milk should be sent to the palace.


While he was thinking on these lines, the old female asked her daughter to milk one of the cows. When the young lady tried to milk one of the cows, she was surprised to see that no milk appeared from this cow. Since they did not know the stranger, the daughter cried out, “It seems like today the ruler of our country has some bad intention about us.”


When the mother asked her why she thought like this, she replied, “A few minutes earlier, the cow was fill with milk and now there is no milk at all.”


However, the mother told her that she should make Sabr and wait till the morning.


The King who was hearing all of this was extremely surprised. He began to ponder on how this young lady knew what was hidden in his heart. He knew that his intention was certainly something which was oppressive but these people seemed to have come to know about this. He also felt that he should change his mind and not impose any taxes on them, but he was curious to find out what made these people think on these lines.


In the morning, the old lady asked her daughter to milk one of the cows again. When she did so, she found that the cow was full of milk. She then told her mother, “It seems like the evil intention which the King had about us has disappeared hence the cows are now full of milk.”


She then had this cow milked. At that moment, the other companions of the King came to the house. The King then ordered them to bring both the mother and the daughter to his palace.


When they came to the palace, he made sure that they were fully taken care of and also made sure that they were well fed. He then asked them, “How did you know that the King first had a bad intention about you people and then had changed his mind?”


The old lady replied, “We have lived for many years in this wild and whenever there is a decision based on justice which is issued by the King, then the state and condition of the villages and cities are always in a good state and the people also enjoy comfort and peace. However, whenever there is an unjust law or decision made, then we experience poverty and sadness. At the same time, there seems to be no blessing in our possessions.”


When the King heard this reply, he was greatly surprised. Before they left, he also made sure that they were greatly rewarded. (Uyunul Hikaayah)


We see this on a daily basis in all countries around the world. Even though those countries may have immense natural resources, but there seems to be no Barakah in anything which people have. We hear the complaint everyday which is, “the more we earn, the less it seems.” People had also made the joke that in the past, they used to visit the markets with money in their pockets or purses and return home with bags of goods and in the present time, they go to the market with bags of money and return with just enough to fill our pocket or purses. Again, there seems to be no Barakah in whatever people touch these days. At the same time, when we look at the oppressive rules and laws which have appeared over the years in different countries, there is no wonder that Barakah seems to have disappeared.


As Muslims, we cannot continue to complain about non-Muslims or non-Muslim governments. We have to look at ourselves. We are people who would look at another Muslim who is struggling in life and turn away as if it has nothing to do with us. Yet, little do you realise that very soon, we will be going through the same test and only then will we begin to realise the stupid manner in which we spent our life and resources. As Muslims we cannot complain about others when we have been sent as the nation which is supposed to prohibit evil and propagate good. But everything evil is been propagated by us and everything good is prohibited by us.


We make Du’a that the Muslims open their eyes and are able to understand all of this before they leave this world because when we leave this world, there are no return tickets and what we have sown, that is what we will certainly reap.