Download PDF: [S] The Worry for the Grave

Hadrat Sayyiduna Yazeed in Salat Al Joushi – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates the following thought provoking incident. He narrates:


One day, I went to visit my friend who was a very pious and sincere person. He lived in the city of Basrah. When I reached his house, I noticed that he was very serious and in his last few moments in this world. His entire family were standing around him and this included his mother, his father, his wife and children. All their faces were full of grief and sadness.


I then approached him and made Salaam and he returned the greeting. I then asked him about his condition and he replied that he felt that at this moment, there were ants walking inside his body.


Suddenly his father began to weep.

He then asked his father, “O my beloved father, why are you crying?”


His father replied, “My beloved son, I am weeping because you are leaving us and what will happen to us after you pass away.”


Suddenly, his mother, his wife and his children also began to weep. He then looked at his mother and asked her why she was weeping. She replied, “My beloved son, I am crying because you are leaving us and how will I stay without you?”


He then asked his wife the same question and she replied, “My beloved husband, without your presence, the world will look very lonely and barren. I am also crying about what will happen to me when you leave.”


He then looked at his children and asked them the same question. They replied, “After you die, we will become orphans and there will no longer be the shadow of a father over our heads. What will happen to us? Therefore, we are crying in this sadness.”


After listening to all of these people, my friend then asked that he be raised in his bed. After he had been raised by propping him with a pillow, he addressed all of them and said, “All of you are crying because of wordily reasons. All of you are weeping not because of me leaving the world, but what will happen to those things which you used to enjoy because of me. In other words, you are crying for the loss of material things. Has anyone of you wept with the thought of what will happen to me in the grave? Very soon, I will be placed in a dark black hole which is called the grave, but none of you seemed to be worried about this. Has anyone of you cried about the fact that when Munkar and Nakeer approaches me in the grave, will I be able to answer their questions? Has anyone of you cried about the fact that when I am presented in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty and I am told to give account for my deeds, will I pass this examination or not? There is no doubt that all of you are crying because of the material loss you will you suffer when I leave this world.”


He then gave a loud cry and passed away. (Uyunul Hikaayah)