Download PDF: [S] The Wali who was Buried by an Army

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Utbah Al Khawwas – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that he once met a person who was extremely famous for his Ibadah and piety and he had dedicated his entire life to the Ibadah of Allah Almighty. In fact, he also disappeared from people and had taken to the mountains.


This person once narrates the following incident, he says, “There was nothing more beloved to me than meeting the Awliyah and the Abdaal of their era and being in their blessed company. In fact, I used to travel far and wide, in jungles and barren area merely to search for these Awliyah.

One, as I was walking along I came to a place which was completely barren. In fact, there was no one in this place for miles around. There was also no sign of any boats which could carry a person from this barren land.


Suddenly, I saw someone who appeared from one of the openings in the mountain. When he saw me, he began to run. I also began to run after him being convinced that he was also among the Awliyah. Suddenly, he slipped and fell and I managed to catch up with him. I asked him why he was running from me.


He remained silent and did not give me a reply. I then informed him that I wanted him to give me some advice which can prove beneficial to me.


After he heard my request, he replied, “Wherever you live, make the truth compulsory upon yourself. By Allah Almighty, I cannot think of anything at this moment which I can tell you except this.”


He then screamed out aloud and fell to the ground. When I looked closely, I noticed that he had passed away.


I obviously became extremely worried. How would I be able to perform the last rites of this person in this barren land when there is no sign of any humans in this area? I continued to ponder upon this issue until night fell. I then went and sat on one side and very soon, I dozed off. In my dream, I suddenly saw four armies that were coming from the side of the mountain. I saw these people surround the Saint and they then performed his last rites and finally completed it with the Janazah Salaah.


My eyes suddenly opened and I was extremely scared of what I had seen. In fact, I did not sleep the entire night because I was really shaken. In the morning, I went to see the body of this Saint where I had last seen his body and was shocked to see that his body was no longer there. I looked all around but could not find him. As I walked a little further, I noticed a fresh grave and I realised that this was the grave of the Saint who had been buried last night.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)