Download PDF: [S] The Vision of Imam A’zam

The student of Siraajul Ummah, Kaashiful Ghummah, Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam A’zam Abu Hanifah – may Allah be pleased with him, namely Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Yusuf – may Allah be pleased with him, narrates an incident when he was young.


He narrates:


I was still young when my father passed away and the condition at home was very dire. My mother sent me to a person who used to wash the clothes of others to work so that whatever little income I could get would be able to buy some food in the house. I continued going to this person every day. However, one day, I noticed the classes of the great Imam in the Masjid and I decided to also join this class. I enjoyed the lessons been taught and I then decided not to go to the laundry any more. When my mother heard about this, she came into the classes and took me from there and again left me in the laundry. I continued to enter these classes secretly and whenever my mother heard about this, she came into the classes and took me from there.


When the issue became a little serious, my mother came angrily into these classes one day and said to the great Imam, “You seemed to have corrupted my son. This child is an orphan and there is no one to look after us. The entire day, I weave cotton and through this, I am able to support the house and buy food. I have hope that when he grows older, he will also be able to have his own laundry. I also send him to the laundry so that the little money he earns can also help in the house. However, I have no idea what you have done to this son of mine that every day, instead of going to the laundry, he comes and joins your classes.”


After listening to the words of my mother, the great Imam replied, “I would advise you, and no doubt you are a very lucky female to allow your son to continue seeking knowledge. The day is not far when this son of yours would eat food full of almonds, halwah made from special ghee and very sweet faludah.”


When my mother heard this, she became even angrier and said, “It seems that your old age is having an adverse effect on you. We are poor people, where can we afford to eat almonds and such special halwah?”


After saying this, she went home.


I then continued to remain in the blessed company of the great Imam and he also paid special attention to my studies. All Praise is due to Allah Almighty, through the grace of this eminent Imam, I acquired immense knowledge. After my esteemed Imam passed away I attained a great rank among the officials of the government and was finally nominated as the Qadi in the time of Sultan Harun Rashid.


Sultan Harun Rashid was also in the habit of always inviting me to his court to partake of food with him. Many times, he had special dishes prepared. One day, he presented me with special almonds, halwah made from special ghee and sweet faludah. When I saw these dishes, I began to smile.


He then said to me, “O Imam Abu Yusuf, please enjoy this dish. Even in my position, I am unable to prepare this every day.”


I smiled even more when I heard this statement and he asked me the reason for this. I reminded him that one day, my great teacher had informed my mother about what I would eat one day and at the time, she did not believe. I then explained the entire incident which had occurred years ago and which very few people believed at the time.


This clearly proves the immense spiritual vision of these Awliya. It is also a lesson to us that religious knowledge certainly achieves immense blessing for the person who acquires it. Even those who are rich and powerful are unable to acquire such an immense state and stature.