Download PDF: [S] The ‘Ulama were Fearless

It is mentioned that one day, the Khalifah, Abu Jafer Mansur, was sitting on his royal throne with great pride and arrogance when a fly began to irritate him. It kept coming towards his nose and he could not sit in peace for very long. He kept on trying to kill this fly but with no success. When he became fed up with this fly, he asked the eminent scholar, ibn Sulayman, who was also a scholar of the Qur’an, a very strange question. He asked, “What was the need for Almighty Allah to actually create a fly?”


When the eminent Islamic scholar heard this, he replied, “The reason that the fly was created was so that it could destroy the pride and arrogance of people in this world.”


When the Khalifah heard this reply, he remained silent. (Ibn Kalakan)


Such was the bravery of these ‘Ulama that they did not worry whether they were speaking to a king or a commander of an army. But, the present day ‘Ulama are people who are even afraid to say anything to a rich and influential person with the fear that perhaps he would stop giving them a donation. Some of them are even teaching their students this same type of disgraceful behaviour.


Khalifah Harun Rashid once called forward the famous Haafizul Hadith, Abdullah bin Idrees, and offered him the post of Chief Justice and told him that he must accept this position. However, Abdullah bin Idrees completely refused this post and looked angrily at the Khalifah. Finally, the Khalifah was so angry that he said, “If only I had not seen your face.” When Abdullah bin Idrees heard this statement, he said the same words to the Khalifah and walked out of the court. (Tadkiratul Huffaaz)


It is mentioned that the famous tyrant, Hujjaj bin Yusuf, once came for Hajj and stood in the same line as the famous scholar of Madina Shareef, namely Hadrat Sayyiduna Sa’eed bin Musayyib – may Allah be pleased with him. As they began to follow the Imam, Yusuf bin Hujjaj began to go into Ruku and Sajdah before the Imam. When the Salaah was completed, Hadrat Sayyiduna Saeed bin Musayyib – may Allah be pleased with him – picked up his shoes and said, “O thief! O disgraceful person! You read Salaah in this fashion. My feeling is that I should take this shoe and slap your face with it.”


After this incident, Hujjaj then travelled to Damascus was also nominated later as the Governor of the region. He also went in the Masjid where the eminent scholar Hadrat Sayyiduna Saeed bin Musayyib – may Allah be pleased with him – was teaching Ahadith. He then asked the great scholar, “You were the one who called me a thief and a disgraceful person”. The eminent scholar then replied bravely, “Yes, I was the one who called you with these words and I was speaking the actual truth.” When Hujjaj heard the brave words of this eminent Saint and scholar, he remained absolutely silent and could not utter a word. All he could say was, “May Allah Almighty reward you, you had indeed taught me a great lesson. And now, when I read the Salaah behind anyone, I am always able to picture your shoes in front of me. I am also able picture you standing in front of me and from that moment, I read the Salaah with great caution.” (Ruhul Bayan)


This also gives us a warning that when we read Salaah in congregation, we should also make sure that we follow the Imam and not to perform any action before the Imam. We notice that many people are oblivious of this important lesson and do not realize that they are destroying their Salaah and their reward. It is also mentioned that a person who continues to do this in spite of being warned would certainly receive great punishment for this act.


One day Harun Rashid approached Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Malik – may Allah be pleased with him – and said to him, “It is my wish that I demolish the Ka’ba as it was re-constructed by Hujjaj bin Yusuf and rebuild it according to the original manner in which it is was done under the command of Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Zubair – may Allah be pleased with him – and this is also something which was mentioned by the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.


After listening to this request, Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Malik – may Allah be pleased with him – replied, “O Ameerul Mo’mineen! I give you strict warning that you should be extremely careful about something like this. Do not make the Ka’ba a toy in the hands of everyone who comes into power. If you start this process, then every person coming into power will break and construct as he wishes and the greatness of the Ka’ba will no longer remain in hearts of the Muslims.”


When Harun Rashid heard these words, he remained silent and he stopped himself from continuing with this task. Until the present day, no one has ever completely demolished the complete Ka’ba and rebuilt it. (Tafseer Ruhul Bayan)