Download PDF: [S] The Strict Qadi

Qadi Abu Umar Mohammed bin Yusuf – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates, “My father, who was once a Judge, was busy in court. While he was busy the special servant of Khalifah Mutazid billah entered the court and there was another person whom he had a complaint against. This is the reason that he had come to the Qadi. However, this person instead of sitting with everyone else, decided to sit in the special section which was allocated to certain dignitaries. The guard in the court then came and asked this person to please move from the chair as this was allocated to special people. It was also the rule of the court that both parties need to sit opposite one another in the ordinary bench.


When the person heard this, he replied that since he was special servant of the Khalifah, he felt it below his dignity to sit with ordinary people. He totally refused to move from this chair.


My father then became extremely angry and shouted, ‘How can you actually behave in this manner. When it is being said to you to sit in the ordinary chair, you are objecting to this.’ He then demanded that the guard carry this person and make him sit on the ordinary chair.


In the evening, this special servant returned to the Khalifah and he was also crying. When the Khalifah saw this, he asked him what had happened. He then explained that the Qadi had done to him. However, the Khalifah agreed with the decision of the Qadi and also scolded his special servant. (Uyunul Hikaayah)