Download PDF: [S] The Strange Land

It is reported that once someone asked Hadrat Khidr – may Allah be pleased with him – about the strangest event he had even seen in his life and he explained, “One of the strangest events I have ever witnessed in my life is that once I was travelling through a completely desolate and barren area. There was no sign of water on life in the entire area. I only returned to that place after five hundred years. However, I was shocked to see that the same desolate and barren area had become a lush and green oasis. I then asked one of people in the city as to how long this area had been in existence and he replied, “Glory be to Allah! My ancestors and I arrived in this land in the same state in which you see it now.”


Thereafter, another five hundred years passed and I did not go to this place. After this, when I passed the area again, I saw nobody except a large river. There was someone fishing in this river. I then asked him about the city which used to exist in this spot and he replied, “Glory be to Allah! Was there a city at this spot? This had never been seen by me or my ancestors.”


Thereafter, I only returned to this place five hundred years later and again I saw that it was a lush area which had a large city within it. There is no doubt that this was something which was highly unusual to me and there is no doubt that Glory certainly belongs to Allah Who has no end and no changes.” (Al Qalyubi)