Download PDF: [S] The Slave who was in Dhikr

A Saint narrates:


One night I decided to leave the Haram Shareef and travel to Jabl Abu Qubais. On the way, I met a black slave with a large nose and he was repeating loudly, “Anta Anta, Ya Hu Ya Hu”. In other words, “There is only You, there is only Your Being”. Besides these words, he was repeating nothing else. When he had repeated these words a number of times, I said to him, “Are you insane?” He replied, “O Shaikh! An insane person is that person who travels a thousand steps and yet does not make the Dhikr of his Creator.”


I then mentioned: “According to the great scholars, the greatest Dhikr is that which is made in the heart.”


He replied, “You have indeed spoken the truth. However, when the heart becomes full, then the Dhikr overflows on to the tongue.”


He then disappeared from my sight. I then regretted being so firm and rude with this person. At night, while I was sleeping, I heard someone say from the Unseen, “Without doubt, on the Day of Judgement, there will be such Nur for this servant which would fill the space between the heavens and earth.”


How lucky indeed are those people whose Eid is fulfilling the Divine Commands of Allah Almighty? Whose mission in life is to reach the Divine Court of Allah Almighty? Whose greatness is derived from their state and whose greatness is Taqwah. How great are these people that when people run towards material objects and material affection and love they are engrossed in the Dhikr of Allah Almighty. When people are resting in the comfort of their homes they are sad all the while remembering their Creator. When people are counting their money every day, they are busy searching for their lost spiritual state. When people have become oblivious through sleep, they are enjoying the Divine Words of Allah Almighty and deriving spiritual joy from this.


They only concentrate on the Hereafter and strive towards it and they are always listening to the One Who calls towards death. When they reach the Divine Court of Allah Almighty, they take their own souls as a gift to His Divine Court. Their gifts are certainly not rejected. When they remember their faults and sins, they become uncomfortable and they are unable to sleep. When they remember their ultimate destination which is the Divine Court of Allah Almighty, they stand in fear and awe.


In Surah Ebrahim, verse 48, the Qur’an declares:


یَوْمَ تُبَدَّلُ الۡاَرْضُ غَیۡرَ الۡاَرْضِ وَالسَّمٰوٰتُ وَ بَرَزُوۡا لِلہِ الْوٰحِدِ الْقَہَّارِ ﴿۴۸﴾


“On the day when the earth will be changed to other than this earth, and the heavens – and they will all come forth standing before Allah, the One, the Dominant above all.”


Whenever they think of death, they strive to fulfil the commands of Allah Almighty. And when they remember their past sins, they continue to condemn their Nafs and carnal desires.


O those who sleep in forgetfulness, awake and adorn your being with piety and goodness. Bear in mind that when we undertake any journey, we make sure that we prepare provisions for the journey. How tragic it is that people know with certainty that they will leave for the grave and they will have to appear on the Day of judgement, but they do not prepare for this journey and they prepare no provision for this journey. Certainly, they will be the losers. The Awliyah have given us such great examples and such immense lessons which we should always bear in mind, but we choose to run after material objects instead.