Download PDF: [S] The Sadaqah reaches the Deceased

The following incident is narrated by the eminent saint, Hadrat Sayyiduna Saleh Mursi – may Allah be pleased with him. Obviously the town of Mursiyah is quiet famous.


He narrates:


I once left my house on Thursday with the intention that I would perform the Fajr Salaah in the Jamia Masjid on Friday. However, as I walked along the road, I noticed a cemetery. I felt that it would be better to stay in this place until sunrise. I entered this place and performed two rak’ah of Salaah. I then dozed off without realizing it.


Suddenly in my dream, I could see that the people were coming out from their graves. They were also covered with clean white material. They were all sitting together and talking. At the same time, I also noticed a young man sitting on one side, but his clothes were not as clean as the others. In fact, the material which covered him was soiled and dirty. He also appeared very sad and desolate. These people did not stay very long. Suddenly, each one of them was given a tray which was covered with a piece of cloth. They then took this tray and returned to their graves. However, this young man did not receive any tray and he sadly walked back to his grave. When I saw this, I shouted out, “O slave of Allah! What is the reason that I see you in this sad state? And what is the meaning of what I have seen?”


He then asked me whether I had seen the trays and I replied that I had indeed seen these trays which were covered in a cloth and which were given to each person. He then explained, “This tray represents the gift which the people in the world convey to those who had passed away from among their family. When the people in the world give any charity or make Du’a for these people, then this is given to the Marhoumeen in the form of this tray on the day of Jumuah. You have also seen this with your own eyes. I am person who came from Hindustan who was travelling to perform the Hajj. I was also accompanied by my mother and while we were in Basrah I passed away. My mother had also remarried and has become busy with her second husband. She does not make Du’a for me any longer. In fact, she has reached the state where she acts as if she has never had son. She has also become busy with the affairs of the world. Due to this, what can I do besides becoming sad. There is no one who remembers me any longer.”


I then asked him where his mother lived and he explained to me where she lived.


The next morning, after performing the Fajr Salaah, I went in search of this person. When I finally reached this house, I knocked on the door and she answered, “Who is knocking on the door?”


I replied, “It is me, Saleh Mursi.”


She then allowed me to enter the house while all the time she was in complete Pardah. I then mentioned to her that I wished to discuss something very private with her and no one else. I then came near the Pardah and asked her, “May Allah grace you with His Divining Blessing. Do you have a son?”


She replied that she did not have a son.


I then asked her, “May Allah grace you with His Diving Blessing, did you ever have a son?”


When she heard this question, she took a long breath and replied, “Yes, I once did have a son who passed away when he was young.”

When she had admitted this, I then revealed to her what I had seen in the cemetery. When she heard this, she began to weep for a long time. She then mentioned, “He was indeed a part of my own body. Someone who had grown up in my arms. Someone whom I had breast fed and nourished.”


She then gave me a thousand Dirhams and mentioned to me, “Please give this as charity to the needy on behalf of that son of mine who was the coolness of my eye. Please also inform him that I will never forget him again my entire life either in my Du’a or in whatever charity I give.”


Shaikh Saleh Mursi – may Allah be pleased with him – then departed from the house and the one thousand Dirhams he had with him was given to the poor and needy as charity.


The next Thursday, he again visited the cemetery with the intention of performing the Fajr Salah in the Jamia Masjid. At night, he again dozed off in the cemetery after performing two rak’ah of Salaah.


He narrates, “I then saw the people appear from their graves dressed in new clean white material. I also saw the same young man and he was also dressed in clean white material and was looking very pleased and happy. When I approached him, he said to me, ‘O Saleh, may Allah grant you immense BARAKAH there is no doubt that the charity given on my behalf has certainly reached me.’ I then asked whether this is received every Friday and he affirmed this and also mentioned that even the birds are aware that the Day of Judgement will occur on the day of Jumu’ah and all of them seek protection from this great day.’” (Al Qalyubi)