Download PDF: [S] The Pious Man was Innocent

It is reported that once, there was a very pious person among the Bani Isra’eel. He chose a very private and secluded area to spend his time in the Dhikr of Allah Almighty. A rich person in this area also used to visit him and when he used to return to the people of the city, he used to heap praises on the piety of this person. Others also praised this person and his dedication to worshipping Almighty Allah.


Once, this same pious person was accused of committing adultery with one of the most beautiful females in the area. This incident unfolded in the following manner. Once, this pretty female appeared in front of this pious person and said to him, “O that person who has adopted seclusion for the sake of worshipping the Almighty Allah and has also achieved a high position in the eyes of man and Jinn! I also swear in the name of Moosa bin Imran and Muhammad – peace be upon them – who will appear in the final days. I am able to admit that I am extremely afraid of the dark and also of the Satanic forces which travel around the earth. Therefore, I have presented myself to seek protection.”


When the pious person heard these words, he opened the door of his cave. When this pretty female entered the cave, she then exposed her body to this pious person. When he saw this, the pious person closed his eyes and protected his Nafs from this sight. He said to the female, “Do you not have shame for the Almighty Allah who is watching everything? And He is able to see whatever is hidden and whatever apparent?”


However, the female replied that she was not interested in any of these words and also informed him that he would have to commit adultery with her.


The pious person then replied, “There is no doubt that you are insane. Are you not afraid of that Fire which will burn everything like oil which burns everything in its path? Do you wish to destroy all my previous years of worship? Are you not afraid of that Fire which will never die out?”


This female continued to try and corrupt this person.


Finally, this pious person said to her, “I will present to you a small Fire of this world and its affect.”


He then prepared a small lantern and put his finger inside this lantern. This fire then began to burn his fingers and also reached his upper arm. He said to her, “This is the condition of the Fire in this world. Imagine the fire of the next world.”


When this female saw this, she fainted and fell on the floor as if she was dead. This person was very surprised. He then covered her with her clothing and continued to make Ibadah.


However, the Satan started to spread a rumour in the city that this person had committed adultery with a certain female and he had also killed her. When people heard this rumour everyone ran to the cave of this pious person including the rich person. They then banged on the door of this cave and demanded to see the female who was inside the cave. However, the pious person said that this female had died and now they were convinced that what rumour they had heard was also true.


They began to accuse him that he had broken the Divine Laws of Allah Almighty and that besides committing adultery with this female, he had also killed her. In other words, they were accusing him of two crimes.


Obviously, the pious person was stunned and did not know what answer to give. They then commanded that he be tied in chains and taken to the place where people are normally punished. The body of this female was also carried along. The rich person also commanded that this pious person be sawed in half because in those days, this was the punishment for someone who committed adultery. He also gave strict instructions that no one should speak for this person or intercede for him and that no one’s words will be listened to.


When they placed the saw on his head, the pious person took a deep sigh and in his heart he said, “O Allah Almighty! You are the Divine Being Who is aware of everything.” The minute he said these words, Almighty Allah commanded him to decrease his Du’a because even the people in the heavens were weeping at his state of oppression and what had been done to him. He was also told that if he complained one more time, the entire heavens would be capsized.


Almighty Allah then returned the soul of this lady back to her and she came alive. She then stood up and said, “I swear by the Almighty Allah that this person is innocent and that he had done nothing against me.”


She then revealed the true story of what had happened. And she also revealed what had happened to his hand. Everyone then realized that they had committed a grave mistake.


But, at that moment, the pious person gave a loud shout and instantly passed away. They then buried this person with the same female who had come alive for just a few seconds. This is how the Almighty Allah helps those who are truthful and honest. He creates ways and means of proving their innocence. (Al Qalyubi)