Download PDF: [S] The Patience of a Lady

It is mentioned that once, while making Tawaaf, Hadrat Sayyiduna Shaikh Abul Hasan Siraaj – may Allah be pleased with him – noticed a certain lady. She was extremely good looking and looked like someone who did not have any worries or concerns. He kept on thinking that this was indeed someone who had no worries in the world. In fact, the female heard the comments of the Shaikh and approached him and said, “What are you saying? I wish to inform you that I am indeed an ocean of sadness and grief and I believe that very few people have gone through what I have gone through.”


The Shaikh asked her to explain.


She continued, “Once my husband slaughtered a goat. My two sons were also playing nearby and saw what their father was doing. The elder boy then asked his younger brother whether he wanted to see how an animal was slaughtered and the younger brother agreed to this. Without thinking what he was doing, he then took a knife and ran it across the neck of his younger brother. When he saw the blood, he ran into the wilds in a state of shock.


“When I heard the screams, I ran outside to see what was happening and as I did so, I did not realise that I had left my small infant unattended. A pot of water fell from the stove and this infant also passed away. My husband then went into the wilds to look for our son, but the wild animals had already eaten him and a few days later, due to thirst and hunger, my husband also died in the wild.


“I also had one daughter who had just got married and when heard of all of this, in immense sadness and grief, she also passed away. I am the only one who has survived all of this.”


When Shaikh Abul Hasan – may Allah be pleased with him – heard this amazing and strange incident he asked the female, “How have you managed to display Sabr in all of this?”


She replied, “When a person separates patience and non-patience, the road ahead becomes clear and apparent. If a person displays acceptance and has patience, the results will always be better and its fruit will always be much sweeter. If a person displays impatience, there is no reward for this and its results is also not good.” After saying this, the female departed. (Roud Ar Riyaheen)