Download PDF: [S] The Pardon of the Khalifah

It is mentioned that once, the Khalifah, Abdul Malik bin Marwan, became angry with one of his subjects for some reason. He then made a claim, “I swear by Allah Almighty that if I capture this person, I will certainly destroy him.”


However, a few days later, this poor person was caught and presented in the court of the Khalifah in chains. When the Khalifah saw him, obviously, his eyes were red with anger and everyone in the court were also silent when they saw the anger and wrath of the Khalifah. However, at this time, the famous Muhaddtih, namely, Hadrat Rajah bin Hayyah – may Allah be pleased with him – turned to the Khalifah and declared, “O Ameerul Mo’mineen! The capture of this person was something which you had desired and this was completed with the Divine Command of Almighty Allah. At the same, he is now present in your court in chains. Now, it is time that you should do what Almighty Allah wishes and what pleases Him and that is to pardon this person.”


When the Khalifah heard these words of wisdom, his anger immediately subsided and he was filled with happiness. He then pardoned this person and also presented many gifts to him.


During the time of the Bani Umayyah and the Bani Abbas, it was not such a state where if a person wanted to speak to the leader of the country or take up any issue with the leader, he had to go to the Supreme Court. These were governments were people had ready access to the court of the leader of the Muslims and whatever they stated became law. In other words, these courts were open to all and sundry. (Ruhuni Hikaayah)