Download PDF: [S] The Oppressed Lady saw Justice

This incident is recorded by Ibn Jouzi. It took place when the Qadi of the city was Qadi Sayyiduna Shuraik – may Allah be pleased with him.


One day, a lady appeared in his court and pleaded her case. She said, “I first seek the protection of Allah Almighty and also the protection of the Qadi. I have come to seek justice.”


Qadi Shuraik – may Allah be pleased with him – became disturbed when he heard the words of this lady and asked her to explain what had happened.


She explained, “I had received a date orchard as part of my inheritance and I had separated this from the other date orchards which belonged to my brothers. I also constructed a wall so that this division could be clearly seen. I nominated a Persian servant to look after this orchard. However, all of the orchards belonging to my brothers were purchased by Ameer Moosa bin ‘Isa and he had also placed a large sum of money in front of me to also force me to sell my date orchard as well. However, I refused to do so. Last night, this same Moosa bin ‘Isa had sent five hundred people to these fields and also destroyed the wall which I had erected. Now I am unable to distinguish which is my orchard. I have therefore come to you as the Qadi to please assist me in this regard.”


When the Qadi heard this story, he was extremely disturbed. He called his servant and asked him for his official stamp. He then wrote a decree to Moosa bin ‘Isa to immediately appear in the court of the Qadi. This person then presented himself in front of Moosa bin ‘Isa and handed him the official instructions of the Qadi. The servant of Moosa bin ‘Isa presented this official instruction of the Qadi and informed him that the Qadi wanted him to appear immediately in his court.


When Moosa bin ‘Isa heard this, he informed his servant to go and call  the senior police officer of the locality. When the police officer arrived, he said to him. “Go to the Qadi and inform him that you have never seen something as strange as this. A single female has made a claim against me and you are actually supporting her claim”.


But, the police officer himself became afraid and asked that he be excused from this task. Moosa bin ‘Isa angrily demanded that the police officer go and deliver his message to the Qadi. This was also a very intelligent officer.


Before the officer could leave to the court of the Qadi, he called his servant and told him to go and prepare his bed in jail because tonight, he will certainly be spending the night in jail. In fact, he was certain that this Qadi was someone who maintained justice and that he would certainly instruct his guard to place him in jail.


When the officer presented the message of Moosa bin ‘Isa to the Qadi, the same thing happened. The Qadi Saheb immediately ordered his guard to take this police officer to jail and have him locked up. The police officer then said that he knew that this would happen, that is the reason he had already prepared his bed in jail from the beginning.


When Moosa bin ‘Isa heard that this officer which he had sent had been arrested, he sent a message to the Qadi, “You have imprisoned my messenger yet, he had done nothing wrong but merely deliver my message.”


When the Qadi received the message from the servant of Moosa bin ‘Isa, he also had this person jailed as well.

After the Asr Salaah, the same time, Moosa bin ‘Isa then called all the influential and powerful people of the city and requested them to go and speak to the Qadi and he explained to them what had happened. Among these people, there was also a person named Ishaq bin Sabaah Ash’ashi who was also a personal friend of the Qadi. They were also told that they should inform the Qadi that he, Moosa bin ‘Isa, was not an ordinary person and that due respect should be displayed by this Qadi. This entire delegation then presented their request in front of the Qadi and when he heard their words, he remarked, “What is the reason that you people are speaking on behalf of that person who is certainly not on truth?”


The Qadi then asked whether there were young people present in this gathering. A few young people then came forward. The Qadi instructed them, “Take the hand of each one of these people and place them in jail.”


When they asked that he was really sending them to jail, he replied that indeed he was sending them to jail so that in future they would never think of taking the part of an oppressor.


When Moosa bin ‘Isa heard this news, he was extremely angry and went personally himself and opened the jail. He then made sure that all of these people were released.


In the morning, when the Qadi appeared in court, he was informed by the guard of what had occurred the previous night. When he heard this, he then ordered that his horse be prepared as he was going on a journey. He also mentioned, “From today, I will not stay in Kufah. By Allah ALmighty, I had never requested this position from the Ameerul Mo’mineen. He had forced me to accept this position and had also promised me that all due security would be in place. I will also inform him that from today, it is impossible to display and order justice in Kufah. Therefore, I have no need for this position.”


After saying this, he then rode towards the bridge which was leading out of the city towards Baghdad Shareef.


However, when Moosa bin ‘Isa heard that he was leaving, he rushed out to meet him and pleaded to him, “O Abdullah! Please stop. Look at your actions, you had even imprisoned your own brother in this issue.”


The Qadi replied, “Yes, the reason is that he meddled in an issue in which he was not supposed to meddle in. However, you had also freed them without any authority and until and unless all of them are not sent back to jail, I will never return. I am also going to Baghdad to present my resignation in front of the Ameerul Mo’mineen.”

When Moosa bin ‘Isa heard these words, he ordered his servant to place all those people back in jail whom he had freed. The Qadi remained firm on his position and only moved from his place when he was informed that all of these people were once more back in jail.


As they began to move forward, Moosa bin ‘Isa ordered one of his servants to hold the reins of the horse of the Qadi so that all of them would be able to walk behind the Qadi as he was walking towards the Masjid. When they arrived in court, the Qadi looked at the female who was present and said to her, “The person whom you had accused is standing in front of you.”


Moosa bin ‘Isa then said, “O that Qadi who had displayed such justice, now that I am present myself in your court, is it not correct that all those whom you have imprisoned should be first released?” He then instructed his guard to release all of these people.


Turning to Moosa bin ‘Isa the Qadi asked, “This female had laid a claim against you, what do you have to say about this?”


He replied, “Whatever she had said, she had spoken the truth.”


The Qadi then ordered that the wall be rebuilt and even the house of the servant be reconstructed. After all of these claims had been settled, the Qadi asked her whether there was anything else she wished to add and she replied that all her claims had been settled. She also made special Du’a for this Qadi who had bravely stood up for justice without any fear or favour. (Uyunul Hikaayah)