Download PDF: [S] The Old Shoe

It is mentioned that once in India, there was a person who wanted to change and upgrade the educational system. However, most of the elite in India rejected and objected to his ideas. He then went to various rich and influential people to get funding for his idea and also met a famous leader of a certain area. He showed this Nawab Saheb his idea.


However, the Nawab Saheb himself rejected these new ideas. However, he did not mention anything to this person and merely informed him that he will send him something through post. In this way, the person left empty-handed.


A few days later, a parcel arrived and inside the box there was an old pair of shoes which belonged to the Nawab. It was actually an open insult. However, the person did not allow this to dishearten him and instead he sold the old pair of shoes and sent the receipt to the Nawab Saheb. When he received this receipt, he was quite embarrassed and decided to send this person a large donation.