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Sayyidah Ayesha – may Allah be pleased with her – narrates that, “We accompanied Sayyiduna Rasoolullah – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – for Hajj. When he passed by the valley of Hujun, he began to weep and was also extremely concerned.”


She explains, “We also began to weep when we saw him weeping. He then alighted from the animal and asked her to hold him and she held him and made him sit against the camel. He sat away from them for a long period and then returned to them. At that time, he was extremely joyous and was also smiling. I then asked him, ‘May my parents be sacrificed for you. When you alighted (from the animal) you were weeping and I also began to weep with you and now you have returned smiling. What is the reason for this?’


He replied, ‘I was passing the blessed grave of my mother Aaminah – may Allah be pleased with him – and I had asked Allah Almighty to allow her to return to the world. (In other words, to come alive). Allah Almighty had then made her come back to life. She then brought Imaan on me and (Allah Almighty) allowed her to return.’” (At Tazkirah by Imam Qurtabi)