Download PDF: [S] The Miracle of Owais Qarni

A person once reported that, “We were with a group of traders on a boat when suddenly a strong and powerful gust of wind started. The waves also began to increase the boat started to sway from side to side. Many people were obviously afraid and started to panic. We suddenly noticed a person sitting on one corner of the boat who was covered in ordinary camel skin.


Suddenly, the boat began to sway very dangerously and water began to fill in the boat. All of us began to lose hope and we realised that very soon, we were all going to drown. However, this person who was sitting on one corner got up and climbed out of the boat. He began to read his Salaah on the water. We then screamed to him to help us. However, he did not pay any attention to us and continued to read his Salaah.


We then shouted at him, “We call you in the Name of that Divine Being Who has given you the power to perform your Salaah on the water, please help us and also save the boat.”

He asked us what the problem was as if he was completely unaware of what was happening to us.


We said to him to look at our state and very soon, the boat itself was going to sink. He said to us, “All of you should seek nearness to Allah.”


We asked him how we could acquire the nearness to Allah Almighty and he replied, “By saving yourselves from the world.”


We replied that we had made this promise to ourselves.


After that, he said to us, “Take the Name and come out of the boat.”


Each one of us began to come of the boat and we began to walk on the water until we had gathered around him. We were more than two hundred people. Suddenly, the boat sunk in front of us. Whatever goods and items were on the boat also sunk with it.


He then said to us, “Now that you have been saved from the calamity of the world, you people can now leave.”


We took the Name of Almighty Allah and asked him who he was. He replied that his name was Owais Qarani. We informed him that the goods and items on the boat was actually intended for the poor and needy in Madina Shareef and this had been donated by a person from Egypt.


He then asked us, “If Almighty Allah gives this back will you people give it to the poor and needy in Madina Shareef?”


We promised that we would indeed give it to them. He then recited two rak’ah of Salaah on the water and made a Du’a silently. Suddenly the entire boat appeared from under the water with all the goods and items on board. All of us then jumped in the boat but we realised that he had disappeared. When we arrived in Madina Shareef, we made sure that all of these goods were given to the poor and needy in Madina Shareef. (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)