Download PDF: [S] The Manner of Chasing Satan

It is reported that once Mamun Rashid ordered a certain Christian to be imprisoned for the sake of taking Dirhams. He sent a person to catch this person. On the road, while this person was travelling, he saw a man carrying a bundle of grass on his head. However, he noticed that the grass was falling on one side and from the back, he straightened this. Again it began to fall on one side. The rider then read “La Hawla” and this person was also quite impressed by these words. The rider then asked him that if he was so impressed by these words, why did he not accept Islam.


However, the person mentioned that he had learnt about the greatness of these words from the Angels himself. The rider was greatly surprised by this and then took him to the court of the Khalifah. When he was present in the court of the Khalifah, the Khalifah asked him to explain what had happened and how did he come to know about the greatness of “La Hawla”.


The Christian explained, “There was an uncle of mine who was extremely rich and I also wanted to marry his daughter. However, he refused and got his daughter married to someone else. On the night of the marriage, this new husband of the girl suddenly died. My uncle then got her married to someone else. And again, on the night of the marriage, this person also mysteriously died. On the third occasion, again he married her to someone else and again on the night of the marriage, this husband also died.


“However, on the fourth occasion, when I presented my proposal, this was accepted. The only reason is that no one else was prepared to marry this girl because they had the great fear that they would die on the wedding night. However, on the night of the wedding, I suddenly saw a dark figure in the room and realised that this was a Satanic Jinn. It looked like it was a large part of the mountain standing in front of me. It then screamed at me, ‘Why have you come.’ I said that I had come to see my wife. It then asked me whether I had not learnt any lesson from those who had died before me and I remained silent. However, this Satanic Jinn then agreed that he would appear in the night and he would allow me to appear in the day. I then agreed to this proposal.


“This continued to for long time and one day, this Jinn mentioned to me, ‘Tonight, I will try and go to the heavens so that I can steal some information from the Angels and tonight, it is also my turn. If you want, you can also accompany me.’ I agreed to go with him.


“This Jinn then took the shape of a very large camel and ordered me to sit on its back and to hold fast to him. I then did this and it became to fly towards the heavens.


“I then heard the Angels reading the ‘La Hawla.’ When this evil Jinn heard these words, he turned back and fell on the ground like it had died. I also fell on one side. After it had regained its senses, it said to me, ‘Close your eyes.’


“When I opened my eyes, I then saw that I was in my own house. I then ordered my wife to close all the holes in this house and not to leave any opening.


“This Satanic Jinn then appeared in the night and I then closed the door. I then placed my mouth on the door and began to read the ‘La Hawla’ as loudly as possible. I then heard a frightening sound coming from inside the house and this happened on three occasions. My wife then screamed to tell me that I should enter the house.


“She then said to me, ‘When you had read the ‘La Hawla’ the first time, this Satanic Jinn started to run around looking for an opening. However, it could not find any opening. When you had read the Kalimah a second time, suddenly a bolt of fire appeared from the heavens and surrounded this person. When you had read these words a third time, this fire burnt him to ashes and without doubt the Almighty has freed us from this Satanic Jinn.”


When Khalifah Mamun heard these words, he was highly impressed and decided to free this Christian and he also pardoned him about the five Dirhams which he had taken. Allah knows best. (Al Qalyubi)