Download PDF: [S] The Memory of Mamun Rashid

Hadrat Sayyiduna Mohammed bin Manzir – may Allah be pleased with him – who was the neighbour of the famous Muhaditth, Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Idris – may Allah be pleased with him, narrates, “Once, the famous leader of the Muslims, namely Sultan Harun Rashid, proceeded for Hajj accompanied by both his sons, namely Mamun and Ameen. When they arrived in Kufah, Hadrat Imam Abu Yusuf – may Allah be pleased with him – suggested that all the eminent Muhaditheen be called forward so that they could also listen to the Ahadith from these eminent scholars.


When they heard this royal command, all the Muhaditheen of the area except Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Idris and Hadrat Sayyiduna ibn Yunus – may Allah be pleased with him – came forward to present their Ahadith.


When the sons of Sultan Harun Rashid realised that both these eminent Muhaditheen had not arrived in the royal court, they decided to go themselves to these eminent scholars. They first approached Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Idris – may Allah be pleased with him – and mentioned that they would like him to mention a few Ahadith of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. He then recited a hundred Ahadith in front of them.


After he had mentioned these Ahadith, Mamun asked him permission to reread these same Ahadith and when he received permission, he recite the entire hundred Ahadith which he had just heard. The eminent Muhadith, who himself was noted for his immense memory, was shocked when he heard Mamun Rashid. Mamun Rashid then mentioned that there were two houses next to the eminent scholar and if he wanted, they could purchase it for him as a gift so that he could expand the Masjid.


However, the eminent Saint replied, “That Divine Being Who was sufficient for me at the beginning, He would be sufficient for me again.”


Mamun Rashid then noticed a sore on one part of the body of this eminent scholar and said to him that if he wanted they had the best doctors available who would be able to treat this. However, again the eminent scholar replied, “Before also, there was a similar sore that it was cured on its own, In Sha Allah, this one will also heal itself”.


The young princes also wanted to give him immense wealth but he refused to accept anything.


Both of them then visited Hadrat Sayyiduna ibn Yunus – may Allah be pleased with him – and also listened to the Ahadith from him. On their return, they also offered him immense wealth and riches, but he also refused to take anything. (Uyunul Hikaayah)