Download PDF: [S] The Loyal Female Slave

The father of Ishaq bin Ebrahim Mosuli reports the following incident. He narrates:


One day, both Harun Rashid and Jafer bin Yahya Barmaki decided to travel for Hajj and I also accompanied them. When we arrived in Madina Shareef, Jafer bin Yahya said to me, “Is it possible for you to find me a female slave who is very pretty and also intelligent. She must also be able to sing and must have a lot of manners.”


I then promised him that I will look for such a female slave.


A little while later I was informed by someone that there is someone who has a slave of this description. I then went to see the owner of this female slave and mentioned the purpose of visiting him. When he showed me this female, I was shocked at how pretty she was and her voice when she sung was also extremely appealing. I then realised that this was a perfect female slave for Jafer bin Yahya and I asked the person what his price was for the slave. He then explained that he will tell me the price but was not prepared to lower his price.


In spite of this, I asked him his price and he mentioned that he was looking for forty thousand Dinaars. I then mentioned that this was agreeable and that he should wait while I go and fetch the money. He was also ready to sell this female slave.


I then approached Jafer bin Yahya and explained to him that I had managed to acquire a female slave of his description. In fact, she had even better qualities than he had mentioned initially. I also mentioned that I agreed on the price and that he should send his servants with me to carry the money.


I then went to the owner’s house with the money and Jafer bin Yahya also arrived himself a few minutes later. When he saw the female, he was very impressed and realised that I had indeed made a good choice. She then sang a small song and this impressed him even more. He then informed me to hand the money to the owner and that we should leave.


I informed the owner that if he wanted, he could count the money but he mentioned that there was no need to do so. However, when the female slave heard our conversation she began to say to her master, “My master what are you doing? Do you wish to sell me?” He replied, “You are aware that we are going through great financial problems. At the same time, even though we may have something now, but it will not take long for the state of people to change. If we reach this poor state, what will happen to us? You are also aware that I am not someone who will stretch out his hand in front of someone. Therefore, I have decided to sell you to someone who I believe will be able to take care of you and certainly in this rich environment, all your needs will be taken care of.”


However, the female slave was extremely distressed and said “My master, I swear by Allah that if you were in my place and I was in your place, I would never ever sell you even if all the wealth in the world was given to me. Have you forgotten the promise which you made to me that you will never sell me and eat from that money?”


When the owner heard this, his eyes filled with tears because he remembered that this was indeed the promise he had made to her. He then said to everyone who was present, “All of you are witness that I have freed this slave and my Mehr to her is my house.”


When this promised of marriage was made, Jafer bin Yahya said to me, “Come let us return.”

I then asked the servants to return with the money.

However, Jafer bin Yahya said to me, “No by Allah! You will not take this money back.”


He then turned to the owner of the former slave and said to him, “All of this money belongs to you and you may spend it to take care of your new wife.”


In this manner, all the money was left with the newly married couple. (Uyunul Hikaayah)