Download PDF: [S] The Lies of Alif Layla

It is reported that there was once a king in Persia who had the habit of marrying a female and in the morning after sleeping with this female he had her killed.


He once married a princess who was extremely intelligent and clever. When the King appeared in her room that night, she then began to narrate different stories to him. She continued to prolong the story until the next morning.


However, at the same time, she did not complete her story and the King was very curious to hear the end of the story. During the following night, the King requested her to complete her story. However, she was intelligent enough to realise not to complete her story. In fact, she continued another story and this made the King ever more curious to hear the end of the story.


It is said that she spent time with the King in this manner for a thousand nights. In the meantime, her true intent was to stop herself being killed. She then became pregnant and when she revealed this to the King, she also revealed her intention of narrating these stories. Obviously the King was highly impressed by the intelligence of this female and he decided to spare her life. He also felt immense attraction for this female thereafter.


Later on, these stories were gathered and made into one volume which was entitled “Alif Laylah” or “The Thousand Nights.” All of these stories are fictitious and full of lies and fables. In fact, some people have even suggested that the fitnah and mischief displayed later in Persia was due to this book. (Al Qalyubi)