Download PDF: [S] The Last Person to Enter Jannah

In the Sahih Muslim, Musnad Imam Ahmed from Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Mas’ud – may Allah be pleased with him – and from Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughayrah bin Shu’bah – may Allah be pleased with him – and Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Sa’eed Khudri – may Allah be pleased with him – it is mentioned that the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – stated that, “Once Nabi Moosa asked the Allah Almighty, ‘O my Lord, the person who will have the lowest status in Jannah what will be his condition?’”


Allah Almighty then explained the state of this person. When he is removed from the Fire of hell, he will look at it and say, “Glory be to Allah that Divine Creator Who has saved me from you and Allah Almighty has blessed me with such grace that no one before or after me has received.”


He will then sit on one corner of Hell and will be able to see a tree in the distance. When he sees this tree, he will say, “O my Lord! Please take me close to that tree so that I may enjoy its shade and also drink the water near it.”


Allah Almighty will ask him, “O ibn Adam! If I grace you with its shade, then certainly you will ask Me for something else.”


He will reply promise that he will not ask for anything more. He will then be placed near this tree. He will then continue to sit under the tree and eat its fruit and enjoy its shade and water. Suddenly, at a distance, he will notice another tree which seems more better than the one under which he is in.


He will then ask, “O my Lord, take me nearer t othat tree so that I can enjoy its water and sit under its shade. I swear by Your Greatness that besides this, I will not ask for anything more.”


The Allah Almighty will declare, “O Ibn Adam! Did you not make a promise to Me that after this tree you will not ask for anything else?”


He will say that besides this, he will not ask for anything else. Allah Almighty will then place him near this tree. He will then notice another tree which is near the door of Jannah and obviously, he will not be able to hold himself back. He will then ask Allah Almighty to place him near that tree so that he can enjoy its shade and water and that after this, he will never ask for anything. Again Allah Almighty will ask him that he had promised never to ask for anything more.


When he approaches the third tree, he will be able to notice Jannah in front of him. He will be able to listen to the sounds coming from Jannah and will be able to see the rewards of Jannah. He will be able to see the mansions and palaces and its gardens, etc. He will continue to look at all of these and finally, he will not be able to make Sabr and will ask Allah Almighty to allow him to enter Jannah.


Allah Almighty will declare, “O ibn Adam! What will be able to stop you asking for anything? Are you happy that the entire world be given to you and even more than this is also given?”


The person will say, “O Allah! Are you joking with me even though You are the Owner of everything.”


The person will then be ordered to enter Jannah. When he enters Jannah, he will have the impression that all of Jannah is filled with people.

He will then say, “O my Lord! How is this possible that everyone has taken everything and have also taken their share?”


Allah Almighty will then ask him whether he wishes to own the same which a king in the world owns. He will say that this is what he wants. Allah Almighty will then inform him that he has given him so much. In fact, it will be five times more than what he had asked for. Finally, he will say that he is happy with whatever he has received.