Download PDF: [S] The Intention of the Sultan

Sultan Jahangheer writes in his memoirs:


There was once a Sultan who arrived one hot day at the entrance of certain orchard. He saw an elderly person who was the caretaker of this orchard. He asked him whether there was any pomegranate in the orchard. The caretaker replied that yes, there were pomegranates in the garden.


He then asked his person to bring him a glass of pomegranate juice. The caretaker also had a young daughter who helped him and he asked her to bring some pomegranate juice. She then went and within a few seconds, she brought a cup full of pomegranate juice. At the same time, inside the cup, there were also some leaves. The Sultan then drank the cup of juice. He asked the young girl why she had placed leaves on top of the juice and she replied, “I noticed that in this heat, you seemed very thirsty and you were also perspiring. At the same time, it was also not proper that you drink the full cup of juice in one gulp as this would have been dangerous for you. Therefore, I placed some leaves in the cup so that you would drink slowly and carefully”.


When the Sultan heard this reply, he was impressed by the intelligence of the young girl. He then turned to the caretaker and asked him, “What do you achieve from this orchard every year.”


He replied that he received three hundred Dinaars.


The Sultan then asked him as to what he gives the government.


The caretaker replied that the Sultan does not take anything for the trees itself, but for the crops which are cultivated, receives Ushr (or crop tax).


When the Sultan heard this he thought to himself that there a hundreds of orchards in his kingdom and if he takes a tax from each tree, he would amass a large amount of income. At the same time, it would also not affect the farmers in the least bit. He then decided in his mind that this is what he would do from tomorrow.


After making up his mind, he again asked for a cup of juice. This time, the young girl took very long to come back with the cup of juice. The Sultan then asked her, “At first, you were very quick in bringing juice and this time, you took much longer and also, the juice which you brought this time is much less. What is the reason for this?”


She replied that at the beginning, she had managed to extract juice from only one pomegranate and this time, she had to use five or six of them and still, the juice was very less.


Obviously the Sultan was surprised at this.


The caretaker who was standing on one side then said, “Whatever is extracted depends on the Niyyah of the Sultan. It is my opinion that you are actually the Sultan and when you had asked me about the income of this orchard, I believe that your intention did not remain noble any longer and you became greedy. This resulted in the crop having no Barakah.”


When the Sultan heard this revelation, he changed his mind and changed his intention. This time when he asked for a cup of juice, it came very quickly and the cup was also full. The Sultan then realised the foresight and intelligence of these people.