Download PDF: [S] The Intelligence of Harun Rashid

Hadrat Abdullah bin Mahmud narrates that he heard Qadi Yahya bin Aktham reveal that, “I have never seen someone as intelligent and experienced as Sultan Harun Rashid. Once, I was sitting with him and we were going through a few Ahadith and other issues. He felt sleepy and dozed off. However, a few minutes later, he suddenly awoke and said to me, ‘O Yahyah! See whether there is anything near my leg.’


“When I looked, I could see nothing and I informed him that I could find nothing and perhaps this was merely his thoughts and nothing else. However, he did not become satisfied with my words and called his guards. He then informed them to search his bed properly to see whether there was anything dangerous nearby. When these guards picked up his bedding, they found a snake. They had this snake killed. When I saw this, I then said to him, ‘There is no doubt that you seem to be well learned in most faculties of knowledge and if I can attribute the Knowledge of the Unseen towards you, there would be no harm.’


“He replied, ‘I seek protection in Allah Almighty from this claim. There is nothing like this. Just before I could dozed off, I heard someone say to me: ‘O that person that sleeps, awake without doubt, difficulties arrive at night. For a young man to only rely on his youth is also a means of calamity and difficulty.’ When I heard these words, my eyes opened and I understood that either now or very soon, great difficulty is about to occur and that is the reason why I began to search around and whatever you have seen, you have seen.’” (Uyunul Hikaayah)